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  1. It's a legal thing. It's accepted that all laws, contracts etc say he/him/his etc (unless specifically applicable) to save any unnecessary confusion.
  2. Well if we're going to just make up names, I'll vote for Heathcoate Pursuit.
  3. I've never heard this one, but there was a story I heard on the 3 Legends that Bernie read out where one of their players were swapped. I can't remember which player but I think he was an Eastern European defender. Apparently he was really good for them but went away back to his own country (maybe for an international break or something) and when he came back he was utter shit. The theory went that the original player had been replaced with a lookalike who didn't have the same footballing ability. Whilst we are collectively thinking about the answer for the OP's questio
  4. Had to watch that 3 or 4 times before I caught on...then maybe another 3 or 4 times. Just to make sure. But yeah, Soccer AM was like Loaded Magazine but on TV and mainly football. Didn't really like it that much. Now the first few seasons of Fantasy Football, I thoroughly enjoyed those.
  5. Don't really consider him one of the WUM brigade tbh, he's just a bitter ex-player who hasn't come to terms with the fact he was a shit manager. If he had ever been considered a successful manager then his views would be of more interest, but he wasn't. He won some stuff at Liverpool on the back of the groundwork done before him, then he promptly turned that to shit. He also a trophy or two at Rangers where he spent much more than Celtic, the only other club in the league capable of winning anything. Not disputing, but he also won the League Cup at Blackburn. Yet he still went on to
  6. Not gonna read a dm article, but wasnt the ruling the equivalent of a draw? Barclays were shady but she didnt warrant compensation was how I read it.
  7. Wow, really inspires confidence does wor Bruce. Those problems being we have an overinflated binbag masquerading as our <whiny voice> "head coach"?
  8. Gonna try and do this without the difficult choice of shoehorning players into roles they really weren't the best at (but I liked them). Gonna be tough. ~~Disclaimer~~ some of these I just liked, dont care if you judge me Srnicek - Czech Reuplic Hottiger -Switzerland Dabizas -Greece Albert - Belgium Pistone - Italy Solano - Peru Speed - Wales Ketsbia - Georgia Papavasilou - Cyprus Kluivert - Holland MacDonald - England Subs: Given - ROI Acuna - Argentina Hughes - NI Allen - Scotland Tiote - Ivory Coast Mirandinha - Brasil Almiron - Paraguay No way am I
  9. Yep. Think the 11th choice was just some bizarre reverse PR. No doubt in my mind he was top of a shortlist of no more than three. The boat was properly pushed out to get this creep away from Wednesday and on board.
  10. Wait, it's pronounced Chris Wow? I always thought it was like "Pluff" as in Jane. EDIT: ignore me, I listened again and it's like Waf.
  11. Stal

    Steve McClaren

    Awful appointment. A soggy bit of mouldy bread in a suit. Nowhere near as odious as that prick pardew, but he was alex ferguson's right hand man at man utd during bruce's playing time so he had a hand in shaping our current incumbent incompetent.
  12. I'd love to know if he talks like he types. With air quotes over certain words? Not taking the piss, it's good to have a distinctive style. I can pretty much tell a lot of you by writing style. Please no tests or follow up questions
  13. Watch him do a boris or a trump tactic and suddenly develop covid before having to deal with a difficult circumstance then miraculously recover within a very short space of time. The equivalent of pulling a sickie when you don't want to do a presentation at work. Of course, he'll have the added bonus of extra sympathy from edwards, talk sport, the s*n and the like.
  14. This would be close to my list, although I'd swap around allardyce and daglish. Maybe even replace Daglish with gullet.
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