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  1. Ripon. !!!! Stavely is from Ripon. Subliminal messages man
  2. The wheels of justice turn incredibly slowly at the moment. It won’t be sorted any time soon unless an out of court settlement come along.
  3. Yes a transporter kombi
  4. ED209

    The cycling thread

    I don’t think canyons represent the value they once did. Their delivery times have been massive lately as well.
  5. I have a white Audi and I’m not a drug dealer. It’s white because I’m too tight to pay for metallic paint on a lease car. “recession white” I call it
  6. where is that? the Newcastle Heliport.? well known public sex environment around there, mainly for men.
  7. I had a dream the other night that I was being attacked by a crocodile. It was biting my foot. It didn’t end well for the wife though because I hoofed her in my sleep instead of the croc
  8. Something along those lines. The supervisor who Allowed them to be crewed together needs a rocket.
  9. An out of court settlement would make sense to me however i came off Twitter due to Idiots so haven’t seen any of it.
  10. Fantail Breeze says I’m a fantasist so I mustn’t be.
  11. can you explain to me what protection UK law gives me if I pursue a car and it goes badly wrong? (the answer is none)
  12. What exactly is bollocks about it?
  13. As well as having a poor grasp of written English he has no idea of the law around use of force. Whether an incident is terrorism or anything else has no bearing on use of force legislation. The law allows you to use a level of force that is reasonable in the circumstances of a situation, whatever that situation may be. It doesn’t say that you can kick a terrorist in the head but if the bloke who is trying to kill you isn’t a terrorist then you can’t
  14. My word. Fantail Breeze talking absolute hogwash again. of course under the right circumstances it can be lawful and justified to kick someone in the head. This case however is another nail I the coffin for me. I will think seriously about carrying taser, using driving exemptions, pursuing cars etc etc etc in future. If there’s a risk of going to prison for putting myself in harms way doing my job I just won’t put myself in harms way any more. It’s simply not worth it.
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