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  1. Probably not advisable to go taking photos through peoples windows on a council estate. He will have the nonce hunters after him when the locals start jumping to conclusions
  2. I think this whole scheme needed one or a couple of big donors to make it succeed. for example ant or dec are worth a fortune and could donate a million quid easy. They could even think of it as compensation to the world for forcing us to listen to their crap “Bantz” for the last 20 years. I think a big donor hitting the news would get the little people putting money in again.
  3. ED209


    nail hit on head. A load of them will now be working from home so what was 6500 might now only need space for 1500-2000. im getting fed up With people working from home to be honest. In my role it is impossible to work from home yet in other roles on the same pay grade loads of people are working from home for spurious reasons. it’s very annoying when I join the daily management meetin to see I’m the only one of 8-10 participants who isn’t sitting in their conservatory in their pyjamas drinking a nice coffee.
  4. ED209


    I’m sick of the sight of sodding Harrison Ford. Anyone know how many dumps he has had today?
  5. To be fair the prosecution will always accuse defendants of not telling the truth, the same as the defence will always accuse witnesses of not telling the truth.
  6. Stately uses easyJet and Ryan air as she doesn’t actually have any money herself.
  7. This is not good news. Not good news at all. Abbé they could include a takeover and your released clause in the contract?
  8. Back to plane spotting. HZ-SK3 Is back in Saudi
  9. ED209

    Rafa Benítez

    I think that when he was up here he used to live in the village I live in. I didn’t live here then though.
  10. But he is dead so little chance of a deal.
  11. No thanks. I’d prefer Rose West
  12. ED209

    Lenny’s Lasses

    I can never get my head around the Les Dennis period.
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