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  1. He will be sacked before he is appointed at this rate.
  2. Can you remember the incident when the young Herdman made the bomb threat on a plane?
  3. Howe on telly with Mandy
  4. the ref not sending him off to put him out of his abject misery?
  5. I am sure the commentator keeps saying Karlow Darlow on the crap stream I am watching
  6. I love him, such a likeable little scamp
  7. ED209


    shes ok, just has cold symptoms plus no Sense of smell. I expect the PCR will be positive. Then I shall wait and see what the works HR department say with regards to me going to work. Government guidelines say I should carry on as normal but work have their own strange ideas about isolating etc.
  8. ED209


    Wife is double jabbed, has symptoms and tested positive on a lateral flow test today. Results of PCR test awaited.
  9. ED209


    canny. Nearly had one of them twice. Wife ordered one and it got massively delayed so she cancelled it. About a year later I spotted a good deal and ordered one. That got massively delayed as well so I cancelled as well.
  10. Hopefully that’s the last we will have seen of two absolute cretins today.
  11. At least this is the last episode of Bruceball we will all have to watch.
  12. ED209

    Sarah Everard

    the mods wouldn’t let me. I asked twice.
  13. ED209

    Sarah Everard

    Thanks for backing me up on that one. We might have disagreed on a few things but at least you have the integrity to correct me being wrongly criticised. Anyway after 15 years on here I am done.
  14. ED209

    Sarah Everard

    i absolutely did not justify someone with mental health issues being kicked in the head until he died. I said that kicking someone in the head could be perfectly lawful under the right circumstances.
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