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Saudi ownership - a poll!


Saudi ownership: a poll!  

174 members have voted

  1. 1. How do you feel about the new club ownership?

    • I love it: would sing their name at matches
    • Support the team not the regime: will be at matches
    • Reluctantly still a fan: they won't get a penny out of me
    • I can't support it: no longer a Newcastle fan
    • Support a different team, want to see the results

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Alright gang! Long time no see. By christ it was hard work getting logged back in after 3 years. Hope some of the old people I used to knock about with on here are still going strong - the likes of Wullie, Tooj, Interpol, McBeefaz, PM, Dave, Disco* and many more I won't try to recall now.


Appreciate this has probably been done to death but I couldn't see anything like this to gauge sentiment after a few months. Feel free to bin this if it exists already. Intrigued as to where everyone has settled on the subject of club ownership. Hopefully the poll is pretty self explanatory but I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing with that either.


My personal take is I no longer consider myself a Newcastle fan. An early caveat that I don't expect that to be common, nor do I think I'm any better than anyone for making that call. Well, unless you're singing their names, then I probably do think I'm better than you. I can't get past the mental gymnastics of any success for a club just being a success for an evil regime. I'm no expert on the politics of it, but I'll back Amnesty's take on it. As much as I hated Ashley at least any victory was in spite of him rather than a victory for him.


It's an absolute gutter as well. I'm 36 now, grew up with the Entertainers and the club has been a huge part of my life. My cat's named after an  ex-player FFS. As much as Ashley sucked the fun out of it, I still cared. It's probably easier for me to cut ties than most as I've never been a local, my last family link living in the city passed away a couple of years ago, I stopped bothering to go under Bruce and I've had a ST at my local non-league team for about 4 years now. But it's still a hell of a change.


Genuinely intrigued as to where people have settled and how they've got there. Or call me a c*nt I guess, whatever floats your boat.


*have deliberately left Pilko out of the list as I know it'll annoy him

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