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F.A.O Newcastle based supporters


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Hi all, 

I start a new job in 2023 in Newcastle which means getting to games will be easier for myself with a membership.


On the occasions I might struggle to get tickets for SJP fixtures, does anyone know of any supporters meet-ups in the city to watch games/ best pubs to get myself into for atmosphere?

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Tbh mate, if you have a membership and are able to log on the morning they go on members sale, you shouldn’t really have any issue getting a ticket.


*possible exceptions being Liverpool, Man Utd and the last home game of the season.

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55 minutes ago, Wallsendmag said:


He's only asking about supoorters who will be in Newcastle on a matchday who maybe can't get a ticket but still want to watch the match in the town where they might be ffs.

Would that be dependant on the game being on TV or are there locations that show the games by way of 'dubious' streaming services. 

( Not that I use or promote the use of such services ).



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