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    Ruptured achilles probably worse than an ACL these days. Probably not be back until a couple of months into next season at the earliest. Be interesting to see how they deal with his contract situation
  2. Quite a decent article on the Athletic by their new Newcastle writer, looking at his stats, which from a defensive/pressing pov are even more impressive than Miggy’s. Not really an earth shattering revelation but just emphasises again that we’re targeting players that fit the team model, in direct contrast to the Ashley years.
  3. His lass was well liked by Everton fans: https://twitter.com/nocontextscouse/status/1614352670164140033?s=46&t=nrAtiBzEBD-ADqVTvCcakg
  4. Just in case anyone forgets why we should enjoy what we’ve got at the minute: https://www.nufc.com/html/2015-16html/2015-09-23sheff-wed-h.html
  5. Think Sheff Wed brought about 5k when they beat us under McClaren. *apologies if this triggers anyones ptsd from being at that match.
  6. Yeah, was about 6k I think. 2013ish Edit - yeah, just checked back and it was 13/14. Won 2-0. Cisse and Gouffran. What a bizarre season that was. Got beat away at the mackems. Then won 5 out of 6 (incl Chelsea and Man Utd). Had a run of not scoring in 7 out of 8. Back-to-back home game injury time winners against Villa and Palace. Lost the next 6 before the crowd fully went in on Pardew in the last home game v Cardiff (which we pissed 3-0).
  7. Be interesting to see some quotes from that thread from 6/8 months ago
  8. So in the not too distant future we’re likely to move on the likes of Darlow, Lascelles, Ritchie (dunno if he counts?), Shelvey, Lewis, Murphy, before you consider the likes of Trippier and Wilson who probably don’t have loads of seasons left. So, aye, you can see why, long-term at least, we need to be investing in young English players (and obviously why both Howe and Ashworth consistently reference “developing our own” players)
  9. Forced into submitting a transfer request by his Boyhood Club. Shocking.
  10. It’ll no doubt have been mentioned somewhere in here between him being labelled ’rat-faced cunt’ and the videos of him being chased down the street with pitchforks, but if we do end up in the CL next year, I’m assuming adding another English player to the first team core could be significant? Seem to remember us being light in that regard in previous discussions, albeit I can’t remember the details and required criteria.
  11. Well they thought he was the second coming of Rooney 6 months ago, so…
  12. It was definitely reported we’d had bids rejected for Pedro. At that point we may have been thinking we’d rather go for Pedro for 25/30 than Isak for, let’s say 90. Then Watford have said that’s not enough and Sociedad said we’ll take a bit less, so that changes things. Just like here. We’ll have a fee in mind for Gordon, but if Everton wanted more and, let’s say Leverkusen suddenly dropped Diaby’s asking price we might pivot. As I say, it’s very rarely a binary, ‘we choose him over him’, there’s always other factors determining the decision
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