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  1. Be surprised if it made it all the way down to 100 tbh. 125 and you’ve probably got a chance. They’ve shifted no more than about 75 tickets today I would say.
  2. Looks like they’ve added the final block of tickets to the site now as almost 1200 still left. Will definitely drop to under 50 points.
  3. The turnstiles looked like they were from the 60’s with a bit of modern kit strapped on to scan the tickets. Tbh the whole away end isn’t really up to what you would expect of a modern-day PL club. I went for a piss on the stroke of half-time and didn’t get back until 2 mins into the second half. I heard a lad ask a copper what was going on and his response was ‘this ground isn’t equipped for allocations this big’. Yes, you get a few dickheads doing stuff that doesn’t help, like smoking in the bogs or whatever, but facilities these older grounds do need look
  4. Long and short of it appears to be that they’ve only got a limited number of away turnstiles any and then one of them bust, thus exacerbating what was already a pretty congested and chaotic situation. I saw numerous people getting turned away with what appeared to be valid tickets, being told they needed to go to the box office and sort it out. In the end I think they just opened a side gate about 3:15 otherwise folk would have still been queuing there now.
  5. Seems a bit odd that they’ve only dropped this by 10 points today. Was still around 700 left and there really can’t be many people sat on 170-179 points.
  6. SteV

    Away Games

    Tbh mate, it’s a bit of a myth that you can’t get away tickets with zero points. Obviously you’re not going to get to the high-demand games like Leeds or Brentford, and yes demand has increased with the takeover, but there will still be games that go down to zero points. It’s just a case of probably having to pick one of the less ‘glamorous’ games.
  7. https://twitter.com/nufctrust/status/1485012408171221004?s=21 Appreciate many on here have reservations about the activities of the Trust and the personalities involved, however this is absolutely the kind of thing we need them to be getting involved with. What happened at the away turnstiles yesterday needs highlighting at every level. I was fortunate enough to get in before things got really hairy, however even at that point to describe the whole process as ‘shambolic’ would be a massive understatement. Hopefully they can get to speak to the relevant peopl
  8. Bear in mind it could still get moved for TV. Looks like 21st Feb is the “approximate” date for April’s picks to be announced.
  9. They definitely have for this one. Obviously West Ham’s away end (if you can call it that) is funny layout, so might have something to do with that. Tbh, unless you know how many are on that ‘Tickets Remaining’ bit for any game as soon as they go on sale, it can be a bit misleading. We haven’t sold 2k+ since yesterday so there’s obviously more to go on.
  10. It’s only Leeds (which was only slightly low) and Brentford (which is the same for everyone) tbh. West Ham will be what it usually is at around 3000. Points are just higher because of demand now. But I’d still expect this to drop below 50
  11. New ground and small allocation (1700ish I believe) means this starts at a massively high points total
  12. SteV

    Paul Dummett

    Don’t think we’ve ever had a more consistent player. Defensively rock solid without being superb. Passing more than questionable once attempting further than 10 yards. Been like this for 5+ years. Hasn’t improved/declined.
  13. I don’t think so, but I don’t know. I think they just anticipate there’s going to consistently be more demand from now on. Would still expect this one to drop right down to fairly low points, especially with the early ko.
  14. @Rich how do you actually do any of that stuff?
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