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  1. I'd hate to be a local lad playing for us with our fans like. Couldn't be further from the truth when the media spout they love their own bollocks. Too many willing for them to fail and say they're shit because they are from here
  2. Didnt the same bloke call the guimares one before a few others before?
  3. Henderson Trippier Carlos Botman Digne Guimares Kamara Lingard Coutinho ASM Wood
  4. The Kids have got that bastard we don't talk about bruno song stuck in me head This hasn't helped the situation
  5. Hes Brazilian only cost fourty million
  6. Finally get an offer accepted and thus time the player will reject us. Just know it will happen 🤭 (not that I think that story will be true anyways like
  7. Phillips went to Shields didn't he
  8. Signing a centre forward on loan must mean they've replaced their centre half with the 40.3245 million they're getting
  9. Early one 2nd half as well Wonder what price over 3 and over 4 each was
  10. There's blackburns first as well Are you on your usual bet?
  11. Anyone on the smoggies? 4 booked in 29 mins ffs
  12. Gosens more of a left mid/wing back isn't he? Suppose if we signed Carlos and another centre half it would work
  13. Ditto Wonder if we'll still be sat here next Monday wondering if we are gonna make a last minute bid
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