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  1. Don't think many of the East Stand can stand unassisted tbh
  2. 40 million now Can we just call it 25 and everton call it 60 and we can all move on Who gives a fucking toss how much a player costs in reality
  3. Willing to accept it😃 what you gonna do like? Gan radge ? Withdraw your support from the club?
  4. jack j

    Adam Armstrong

    Glad that celebration didn't just piss me off Dwarf cunt
  5. What half the people on here drive going by the car thread mind...
  6. jack j


    That west brom game looked more than half empty
  7. Sean Dyche to Everton by look of it. Might give him a few quid of the Gordon money in the next couple of days..
  8. jack j

    Football pet hates

    I was thinking this with rashford. Cunts turned Brazilian in the last few weeks. Always happens to be when the cameras zoomed in as well Hmmmm
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