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Brazilian Footballer names.


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Do the fans of Brazilian teams not find the names of their own players confusing?


For example, on Football Manager (sorry!) Sao Paulo have two players called Souza, who are of a similar age and are both left wingers. One of these players is decent, while the other is average. Similarly, Santos have two attacking midfielders called Ze Roberto. Only one of these starts for Brazil.


Can anyone imagine the confusion in our league if all names in the world adopted this naming system:


Newcastle to sign Rooney


Thread Starter: Just on Sky Sports News, we have agreed an undisclosed fee for Rooney.


Reply 1: fucking yes!


Reply 2: Which one? Manchester United's Rooney or someone else?


Thread starter: Didn't catch the whole bit but I definitely caught them saying that 'United have agreed to sell Rooney to Newcastle'


Reply 4: If Freddy has just wasted our entire transfer budget on Manchester United's Rooney, I will be fucking devastated.


Thread starter: Freddy about to come on SkySportsNews


Reply 6: That is not Freddy. That is Freddy, the Swede who plays in midfield for Arsenal.


Moderator: It is Rooney, the right back who plays for Leeds United who we are signing. I'm editing the thread title.



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If you get two players of the same name I think it's normally suffixed with where they are from - e.g. Juninho Paulista (the former Boro player) coming from Sao Paulo. If they both come from the same place they have to fight to the death.

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huh.... where does "Pernambucano" come from?

Pernambucano at a guess  tongue.gif


... I see your point.

Quick check reveals it's Pernambuco (a state in Brazil). Pernambucano is the name of someone from there apparently.

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No idea. Perhaps Brazilians would know the full names of their players and the nicknames are mainly for us dumb foreign folk?



No, the Brazilians widely use the nicknames too.

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