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Maccarone Coach Blasts Boro...

Guest riccifellini

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Guest riccifellini

Hi guys,


I'm a Newcastle fan from a rival site ( wait before you kick me off and I promise that all Newcastle fans xmas's will come true at once ! )


My cousin is A BORO FAN :thdn: and he emailed me this mind blowing articles that are circulating the net, especially the Boro fans sites ( HAHAHA ), which absolutely lay into all things Boro, including BERNIE SLAVEN  :thup: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here it is: ( taken from www.myfootballcoach.co.uk )












Why Footballers Under Perform – Poor Man Management




There are endless reasons why footballers under perform, or go through big high's and low's, of which this is one, and I will continue to develop my ideas futher concerning this problem in later articles .


In this first article I make a personal plea to Gareth Southgate to change his ways before it's too late and he loses the dressing room altogether, and turns into the man he himself now berates, namely, Mr Steve McClaren.


The old adage remains as true now as it ever was then, namely, that honesty is the best policy.


Forget what you hear from the likes of Bernie Slaven and all the other idiots who think the same way as he does. The fact of the matter is that every player just wants to play, no matter how much they earn, and when they don’t play they’re not happy. Yes, of course money is vital to contract negotiations and in deciding where players ultimately choose to go. But money isn't the be all and end all of it, far from it. League position, ability to play in Europe, ability to win a trophy, who the chairman is, what the clubs ambitions are, who the manager is, how long the manager is likely to be around, who your team mates are, what the internal club structure is like, what the training facilities are like, who the coach’s are, what the fans are like, and what the area in which you're going to live is like, these are all vital factors in formulating a players decision.


People always seem to think that money is the of elixir of life, well it isn’t. Bill Gates has enough money to buy a small country with, but that doesn’t mean to say that he's always happy and always fully motivated 24 / 7, or that when he's got problems in his life he just has to think about all his money and that makes his problems go away. So to suggest that when players under perform that you should question whether or not they're only here for the money, as Mr Slaven continuously does, is just ridiculous in the extreme, and it's an opinion that's only ever born of ignorance.


As Massimo once said to me, “ Slim, you must understand that football’s my life. For my life to be going well, my football must be going well. “


So how do you keep someone like Massimo as happy as possible, and as motivated as possible, when he doesn’t play ? Simple. You have to be honest with him, and you have to be honest with him to his face.


Massimo has been at the Boro for nearly 5 full seasons, and during that time people have rightly questioned whether the record 8.1 million pound buy was worth it. Well let me say that, friendship aside, as Massimo’s personal football coach for over 3 years, that he hasn’t been worth it. Yes, you read that right. For me, Massimo hasn't been worth the money that the Boro paid for him, but that's only because he had so, so much more to give. 


I say this because I KNOW that the very best of Massimo Maccarone is yet to come.


I say this because I KNOW that Massimo’s finest hour in the Italian National team is also yet to come.


I say this because Massimo was treated like total shit by the ever smiling, two faced, I have no idea about tactics, I have no idea about man management, all I can do is play people forever out of position,  Mr, “ everything’s always magnificent, “ Steve McClaren, and he was totally failed by the rest of the coaching staff, and this is why Massimo never fulfilled his true potential here.




Before the Carling Cup Final Massimo was repeatedly told by Mr McClaren in the games leading up to the final that he was being rested, “…, because you’re my number 1 Mass…, I want to keep you fresh for the final Mass, because you’re my number 1 Mass. “


Every Boro fan will recall that Massimo played zero minutes in that history making Carling Cup Final, and as a result he was totally and utterly destroyed.


Who wouldn’t be ?


This was the biggest ever game in the club’s history. It was a chance for Massimo to help to bring home the silverware to his utterly amazingly devoted Boro fans for the very first time in the club's 128 years of trying, and any Boro player, not just Massimo, would've so desperately wanted to play their part.


Massimo was repeatedly told that he was being rested in order to play in that final, and in that final, even if the manager changed his mind, if only for 20 minutes, he should've played, because that's what the manager promised to his player.


THIS is how I define PROPER man management.


When it was all over Mr McClaren went over to Massimo and all he could say was,


" I know..., I know..., "


And who was there to witness this treatment ? It was none other than Gareth, the current exponent and air to the throne of this particular and unique brand of man management. The very same brand of man management that Mr McClaren is currently so famed for.


Gareth knew that Massimo had been told that he was being rested in the games leading up to the final so as to keep him fresh, and Gareth saw for himself how devastated Massimo was at playing no part, and yet Gareth learned absolutely nothing from this. Instead, he chose to embrace this way of treating people and he does the same thing now.


Gareth, as captain of Middlesbrough Football Club, saw at first hand the treatment that Massimo received at the hands of Steve McClaren. He, more than anyone else, should've understood the effects that the way managers man manage players has on the way players perform and on the moral of the team as a whole, and so he should've been the first not to make the very same mistakes as his predecessor, but he did.


When Mr McClaren left this football club, Massimo to wanted to leave too simply because he never played, and because there was no chance of him playing, but it was the new manager who convinced him stay. Gareth told Massimo how much he believed in him, how he was hard done by by the last manager, and that the slate would be wiped clean with him having as much chance to play as everyone else.


Excellent. I cannot begin to tell you how hard we both worked upon hearing this fantastic news. We'd always worked hard together and we were always motivated in case our chance came under Mr McClaren, allowing Massimo to finally put everything behind him and to finally prove himself, but now we had the bit between our teeth even more. This is the 1st reason why Massimo stayed. He’s a natural born fighter and he wanted so much to prove people wrong and prove his worth. He isn’t the cut and run type of player and he isn’t the cut and run type of man.




Like him, or loathe him, he always gives you 100%, 100% of the time, because that’s who he is, and because that's what we concentrated on when we worked together away from the club, and in Massimo's free time when he felt up to the extra work load. Of course there were games in which this didn’t seem to be the case, but at the end of the day there's only so much shit and heartbreak that a person can take, and this ultimately at times grinds you down.


The 2nd reason why Massimo stayed is purely and simply because of the Boro fans. For 5 long years, through thick and thin, they stayed loyal to him and they supported him to the very end and no matter what. Wherever we went there was always a pat on the back, or a, “ keep going Macca “, and there was always, always the chorus of song at the Riverside – Amazing.


In Italy as soon as you're out of form they come looking for you and kill you.


For Massimo the two UEFA Cup games in which he played the hero’s role will be eternally etched in his memory. It was so emotional for him, and his family, friends and I couldn’t have been more happy for him as we shouted from the stands and joined in the glorious chorus of song. But for Massimo personally, this, THIS was the moment he said thank you to the glorious Boro tifosi, and this is why both his shirts flew into the crowd.


So, in answer to Mr Slaven and to Mr Brownlee, no, no you don’t have to be a home grown lad to take pride in wearing the shirt. 


But yet again Massimo found himself back on the bench. Ok, personally, I can fully accept that in the time leading up to making his decision that Gareth could've felt that Massimo still wasn’t worthy of a starting role. I can fully accept this because at the end of the day Gareth's the manager and he has to decide from what he see’s, and you can’t knock him for that. As a player you might not agree with him, but you can’t knock him for doing his job the way he thinks best.


So what do you do ?


As with any player in this position, you have to remain positive and you have to keep your head up high. When the time's right you knock on the gaffers door and you ask for an explanation, and you ask what the future holds for you.


Just as happened under Mr McClaren, Massimo knocked on the gaffers door and was told to keep working hard and to be ready, as his chance would come. Naturally, having heard this all before from Mr McClaren, Massimo was feeling down. Nevertheless, we talked it over, we made plans, and the very next day Massimo was ready to roll again.

As always, without causing any internal problems, and without going to the press, he put his head down and got right back to work.


Eventually his chance finally came. Viduka was out for 5 to 6 weeks and Gareth reiterated his faith and total belief in Massimo via the local paper, The Evening Gazette, and he promised him a run of 5 or 6 games.


Herein lies the moral of the story and herein lies the crux of this article.


If you're going to tell a player that he's going to get a run of 5 or 6 games, and then announce it to the press for all to see and for all to dig up at a later date, just as I’m doing now, then you've got to give him a run of 5 or 6 games. It’s that simple. By not doing so you allow people like me, and far, far more importantly, you allow your own players to question your integrity, you allow your own players to question your honesty, you allow your own players to question how they themselves will ever be able to trust you when they themselves find themselves in Massimo’s shoes, listening to your worthless promises.


On every single and conceivable level this is bad man management and it isn't the way to go about things, is it ?


Gareth even had the bare faced cheek to say in the national press that Massimo should've kept this issue for the training ground. Why Gareth, why should he ? Where did keeping the peace and working flat out for 5 long years get Massimo ? Did you you keep the announcement that Massimo was going to get a run of 5 or 6 games to the training ground ? Didn't just betray him as Mr McClaren did ? Didn't you just make a total and utter fool out of him by playing someone who'd been out for nearly two long years ahead of him ? What will people think about him when they don’t see him getting these games, eh ? Maybe they'll think he's a trouble maker, maybe they'll think he doesn’t train hard, or that he's out boozing and staying out late all of the time.


Why do you deserve to be let of the hook Gareth when Massimo has had to endure endless criticism from endless idiots over the last 5 years ?


No. You don't. In this life, you reap what you sow, and the current shambolic state of affairs at Middlesbrough Football Club is the result.


THIS is how I define PISS POOR man management.




How Gareth can then walk into that dressing room when the shit hits the fan, look his players in the eye, and then ask them to play for him and to save his skin and expect them to do so is beyond me, it really is.


What exactly does this particular and unique brand of man management tell everyone about you Gareth ? How exactly is this particular and unique brand of man management supposed to help team moral Gareth ? How exactly is this particular and unique brand of man management supposed to attract new players to the club that you yourself declares is such a must Gareth ?


So, to those of you who want to slate Massimo Maccarone by saying that he was an expensive failure at this football club, you should first do as Elvis once said, namely,


“ Before You Criticise And Abuse, Walk A Mile in My Shoes…, “


And to those idiots amongst you, Like Bernie, " The Legend " Slaven, who think that especially the foreigners are only here for the dollars,


“ Before You Criticise And Abuse, Walk A Mile in My Shoes…, “


The fact of the matter is that every single player in that Boro dressing room takes great, great pride in wearing that famous red shirt, but players won't fully express this pride when they, or their close team mates are being treated in this way right in front of their very eyes.


It's that simple Mr Slaven, and you as an ex pro should know better than most that everything is not always as it first seems in the dirty world of football, where results, now more than ever, drive people to act in a manner that they otherwise would, just like Gareth has done.


In the modern game, footballers don't expect to play every game. They are forced to accept the modern day trend of the squad rotation system, and when they're not playing well they don't expect to continue to play just because they've got a name and cost the club a small fortune in transfer fees and wages. All players ask for is face to face honesty. All they ask for is to be treated fairly, and to be treated with respect. They want to know that if they aren't first, or even second choice, that their time will come, and when that time does come that they will be given the chance that was promised to them.


If this is not the case then you simply cannot expect players to give their all every single day in training for nothing, and you simply cannot berate and abuse them, as Mr Slaven continuously does, when they play just 1 game, or part of it, and don't perform to the level that everyone knows that they can perform.


So Gareth. My Advice to you is this. Make a public apology to Massimo for the way you've treated him. Above all. Be yourself Gareth. Treat people with the same respect and human dignity with which you wanted to be treated as a player. Be totally honest with your players, and make them feel included even when they're not your first choice as you never know when you might need them again. Defend your players against idiots like Mr Slaven, and get back the utter respect that you so richly deserved as a player for being the consummate professional.




Let what happened to Juninho be your guiding light. Juni was a God here. Juni was a real, " legend " here. Like you, he was also the consummate professional. Yet when his time was up, instead of being honest with him and explaining face to face why he was no longer required, and then giving him the big swanky, " thank you "  party send off that he so richly deserved, Mr McClaren threw the World Cup Winner into the reserves and left him to rot in the hope that he would blow his mind and just fade away of his own accord.


Don't do this. Don't be like this. Be a man Gareth. Be a real man of honour who knows and understands that, as in life, love, feeling, and emotion is what coaching SHOULD BE all about.




Be just like the great man, and next generation of great coach's, Jose' at Chelsea.


Do it before it's too late.


Thank you for your time.



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Guest riccifellini

Yes :thup:


Personally, I think it's incredible :lol:




I'm hoping that someone calls the leg ends on cetury to hear bernie fall off his chair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! am trying but can nvere get on as its too damn buys blueupset.gif



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Guest riccifellini

I've taken out the first article as no one seems to want to read too much, the second is more hard hitting anyway.




Ricci. :cool:

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Guest Phil K

Massimo Maccarone is shit. End of story.

Actually, he isnt.

He's not a world beater, true.

But I always felt there was more there than was being shown, tbh.

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Guest Gemmill

It was a chance for Massimo to help to bring home the silverware to his utterly amazingly devoted Boro fans for the very first time in the club's 128 years of trying, and any Boro player, not just Massimo, would've so desperately wanted to play their part.


"Utterly amazingly devoted"?  Can the fucking slaphead not see the empty seats from his place on the bench like?  He's shite and the bloke who wrote the article wants to climb out of his arse tbh.

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Guest Gemmill

Not worth reading tbh Sima.  I got as far as the utterly devoted fans bit and that was enough for me.  Apparently though the best of Macarone in an Italy shirt is still to come.  :thup:

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Paraphrased: Fella claiming to be Maccarone's coach says that McLaren promised he'd play in the baldy git in the League Cup final and then didn't. Says this is a prime example of shit man-management and that Southgate is now at it by promising Maccarone a run of games and then hoying in fatty Viduka instead. Says that Southgate should publically apologise to Maccarone and jolly well pull his socks up otherwise he will lose the dressing room.

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Guest riccifellini

Well, the only thing I totally agree with is that if you publicly promise someone a run of 5 or 6 games via the press then you should do it. By not doing so it sends out the wrong signals to everyone else. I read Rochembach has said much the same thing and so now wants away.


Just thought it would put a smile on people's faces to see the sad state of affairs down the road...


They even call for bernie slaven to be sacked - about fucking time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There more of this shit that comes out the better, hopefully they'll all go down and argue it out with the maccems - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA





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