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wall bangers


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Guest TheOrder

why not, too supa-fan?


Just seem a little tacky to me. Get yourself a decent frame, take your own pictures (or blow your best ones up, from the net), and make a neat little wall piece.



This two-bob company aint getting my money.

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Guest toon tone rudeboy

what about the small crests though?   i think i'd like one for my classroom actually


I was thinking the same thing!  I already have the flag up in the classroom... a big crest might fit nicely...  Have to see what the shipping is first though...

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You can buy an 80cm x 110cm flag with a huge club crest on from the club shop for £8.


If you want one of these fuckers Bulivye, I'll just buy it and send it on to you mate?  O0


You taking orders, mate?  PM me if you're serious. 

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Guest Texasmag

I emailed the club in December asking when/if  they would be getting Newcastle United.


Their reply was,


"We're waiting on the club to respond to us.  It has been

months and we have contacted at least six times.

Hopefully soon."


Why does this not surprise me.

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