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Solano unsure on Copa America


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Solano unsure on Copa America

By Lewis Rutledge -  Created on 16 Feb 2007


Nolberto Solano will not decide whether to play in the Copa America until Peru appoint a coach.


Peru have been without a coach since the country's federation decided not to renew the contract of Franco Navarro late last year.


Solano came out of international retirement in 2006 but has always been keen to play a full role for Newcastle.


He would be free to play in the Copa America in Venezuela this summer but is not prepared to make any promises while there is nobody in charge of the team.


"I would have to talk to the coach and, if he thinks it's worthwhile and wants to count on me, I could make the sacrifice for a future target," he explained.


"I can't say today that I'm not playing because there's nobody to say it to."


Peru have not qualified for a World Cup since 1982 and Solano believes they have little chance of reaching the finals in South Africa in 2010, so he has urged the country's directors to focus on 2014.


"The main thing is to leave a good base so we can continue with the work until 2014. It may sound cruel but it's necessary to speak the truth," Solano told El Comercio.


"We can try for 2010 but we have to aim for 2014.


"I've been in Europe for nearly 10 years and I see how they do things there and how different they are in Peru.


"When things don't work out, these people (the directors) don't take responsibility, it's always the players.


"The only thing they do is talk about discipline and say that we footballers are undisciplined.


"If they want discipline, they should pick a load of soldiers, with all due respect to the soldiers.


"It's not a matter of discipline, it's a question of quality."





Hope he stays here

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Oh aye :D

But an injury would be a nightmare, if we do offer him a new deal that is.

I think Carr will be gone come the end of the season anyway and I can't see Fred wanting to have to buy 2 RB's, offer Nobby a 2 year deal I say but only if he agree's not to go to The Copa America!

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Off the top of may head, I said sure Nobby go. Peru won't be playing that many games anyway.... and then I saw their group:







Still, I think that Solano should go and play.


We shouldn't be relying on him to be our right back next season....he could put in a good word for us with Pizarro.

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