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Guest BooBoo

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Something has to be done about the heavy handed antics of police at football matches on the continent. As a Newcastle fan in Europe i've seen the behaviour of police using trucnheons on fans, often whacking at random to get lines of people moving along. Now its happened again with Man Utd fans being tear gassed and intimidated after trying to escape a possible dangerous crush. UEFA should really do something about it, and sanction these cities whose police take it as sport to clobber the English.

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Guest Geordiesned

I've been the victim of baton wielding coppers following Newcastle. Whilst leaving the ground in Marseille I was wacked on the knee as I tried to get out the tiny exit while the stewards randomly attacked fans with apparent police protection.


In Milan I was one of many hit on the back during a crush getting into the San Siro after they opening the gates allowing everyone outside in (including several without tickets - Newcastle and AC Milan fans alike).


Also in Barcelona, I witnessed an elderly man being hit over the head by a police baton when he mistakenly wandered into the wrong section in the Nou Camp.

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Worst police I have ever seen were at Atletico Madrid. Indiscriminately batoning people regardless, men, women, children, didn't matter.


One thing from last night is that Man United fans seem to think they can go in home ends wherever they want and act however they like. They do it in Britain and they do it in Europe. The police shouldnt have put them in the away end anyway, but they shouldnt have been in the home end in the first place.


Oh, and seeing them interviewed on SSN today, most of them appear to be cockneys. So there goes the very last vestige of sympathy for them.

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