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  1. They both have proportional representation?
  2. Mone nailed on to be on I’m a Celeb next year I reckon
  3. Trump Organisation guilty of Tax fraud
  4. Strikes are meant to be disruptive, it’s like the whole point.
  5. They didn’t play each other in that competition. It would be the first time they’ve played each other in a competition like this (I think). Two historical and current rivals outside of football with the prize being at a minimum the best ever WC performance for an Asian side?
  6. Because he cares more about his stats than whatever team he plays for.
  7. Tbf the gulf needs to host these events now before climate change renders them completely inhospitable
  8. It’s the most open World Cup in decades which is why it’s so good
  9. Great save, couldn’t have done much more there!
  10. That was shocking from Martinez
  11. Thought there would be more aggro at the final whistle. Disappointed.
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