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  1. Although it feels like Conte doesn't take jobs where he isn't 70% likely to win the league.
  2. I think Conte is the obvious choice although not a long term solution if that's what you're looking for. Zidane I'm unconvinced it works outside of Madrid. Rodgers, just feels like a gamble he doesn't need to take, he's on such a good thing with Leicester, but hey, money talks.
  3. Replies just full of Man United fans who don't understand the joke
  4. Bit like Gayle, unplayable in the Championship, ineffective in the Prem. He's the Norwich city of strikers.
  5. Yeah, no issue with Palace. They are definitely one of the more socially aware clubs and they regularly have banners posters and have protested stuff before. I think we won't see as strong an effort as that from other teams.
  6. Porto was the only place he failed, then went to Braga and won them their first trophy in 50 years. He's worked his way up from the lower decisions and majority of moves he's made have been steps up. Roma had a poor squad and changed ownership halfway through his tenure. There was an article posted where Roma fans shared their opinions on his after he left and were largely positive. Nearly all said he'd made the team very reliable at beating teams they were expected too. Edit: https://www.chiesaditotti.com/2021/5/24/22436382
  7. I'm still hoping for Fonseca, the apprenticeship that Portuguese managers get is elite and despite his experience he is still relatively young. Bring him in with and let him grow with the club, would be amazing to have a long term manager (that we don't all despise). From the Shaktar stuff he seems to have strong ideas on how things can be run and the facilities revamp can go hand in hand with this. I think Lampard/Rooney would be absolute suicide tbh, not seen enough from either and the inevitable fallout when they are sacked would be the same as Bruce. Gerrard is sl
  8. Nah not controversial at all, he almost had his shirt off. Good result on the balance of the game, thought we might snatch it late as Palace were really rattled after the VAR.
  9. Wouldn't say an agenda he's just utterly thin skinned and thinks he's cleverer than he is.
  10. Luke trying to pretend he doesn't understand that caretakers in press conferences aren't going to come in a twist the knife.
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