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  1. Anyone got any suggestions how i can get to lisbon cheaply? Its got my brain rattled.
  2. Still no closer to my operation. Rapidly going to obese. Tried swimming = Agony.
  3. Is it beneficial to continue taking protein if I'm not doing any exercise whatsoever? Will I lose weight by dieting/taking protein and no exercise? I mean I could lift weights on the top half but I can't do any cardio at all and I am worried ill end up disproportionate.
  4. Was mighty pleased with him yesterday. Positioning is really poor though!
  5. Have shitloads of sex...with me. One day sweetpea! We will end up in the embarrassing sex thread however. Some comical story about my fat consuming you. Swimming any good for me?
  6. Put on shitloads of weight. Haven't been able to go to the gym for 4months, can't even run. Torn the acl and mcl, as well as badly damaging the back of my cartilage. On the waiting list for an operation in the meantime. Don't want to do any weights because ill be out of proportion. Any suggestions on what I can do?
  7. Eh?!? What went down on nevinson avenue?
  8. Stoke Mandeville hospital is not going to investigate claims of Necrophilia against Saville because there was no complaints of this at the time. I don't really suppose the deceased can complain, can they?
  9. TêteDeMaure


    Sunderland v Newcastle preview Stand by your Dan: Toon fans to applaud racism-target Rose on derby day By Simon Bird | 18 Oct 2012 22:30 Danny Rose has declared himself ready to face Newcastle on Sunday - despite the trauma of suffering hours of racist abuse against Serbia this week. The left-back, on loan at Sunderland from Spurs, could even find himself getting a round of applause from an unlikely source before Sunday's match - Geordie fans are proposing to make a gesture of solidarity with the England Under-21 star before the North-East derby. That would be a remarkable, and welcome, event ahead of a fixture more famous for division and rancour. Sunderland boss Martin O'Neill suggested he will take a view of Rose's state of mind to see if he is ready to be picked, and not suffering after-effects following his sending-off amid stormy scenes on Tuesday. Rose claimed he was hit twice by stones thrown by fans during the game and said he first noticed racial abuse being directed his way from the terraces during the warm-up. But he said, "I can't wait for the Newcastle game to see what that's like." Commenting on a suggesting from Tyneside fans that the away support could applaud Rose during the warm-up at the Stadium of Light, O'Neill said: "It would be exceptionally gracious, and I'm sure it would be appreciated." He added: "Hopefully, he will take it in his stride. I am just getting to know Danny, so I will have a word with him in the next couple of days. "He is rightly angry and disappointed. It has been a difficult situation for him. I have the utmost sympathy and empathy for him. Everyone here at the club is very much on his side." I wouldn't hold your breath Mr Rose.
  10. TêteDeMaure


    Cleadon only has a Sunderland postcode. It isn't in Sunderland it is part of South Tyneside. So you really didn't encounter a nice part of Sunderland.
  11. Naps absolutely ruin me, im so aggressive and angry when i wake up, yet i keep on having them!
  12. Sick of my life mood. Emotional at anything and everything. Waiting for hours and days to pass quickly.
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