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what will make us proud..

Guest redmayne

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Guest redmayne

why do we always expect failure?????

as invicta would say .... discuss (and not the throwing event)

Im sick of failure ....

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Guest TheOrder

I would suggest that we expect too much, and that's why we're always disappointed. We expect to do so well, that when the team fails, we're bitter.


I expect a team that has had millions invested into it, to be higher than 12th in the table.


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To be blunt, it would just be nice to see the very expensive and extremely well paid players playing well as a team, enjoying it and showing that enjoyment by playing fluid, entertaining, attacking football the like of which we've not seen here for far too long.


It would be nice to see us having some success, be that in the League, FA Cup or League Cup, or dare I even say it in Europe. It would be nice not to know somewhere deep down in the pit of your stomach that being 3-0 up against a team like AZ Alkmaar, we would concede 2 and then go on to capitulate in the away leg.


It would be nice not to have such an embarrassment of a Chairman who proclaims that, upon firing Souness, he knew that the next manager was a critical decision which he would have to get right, only to give it to a tactical void such as Roeder.


It would be nice to know that when we reach finals or semi-finals of cup competitions we might actually go on to win.


It would be nice to have even a half-decent defence, one which fans could rightly be confident would not be a liability.


It would be nice not to have a constant nightmare regarding player injuries.


I could go on, but I think you get the general drift...



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