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  1. Oblivion for the second time. Fuck knows why but I really like this film, must be 'cos of a diet of sci fi films as a kid.
  2. LMG's are still rather shit on this, could do with going back to the BC2 system of LMG medics.
  3. And another 100% XP weekend... Save your 200% and 100% xp boosts lads! Really like sniping atm, the SRR61 has fuck all bullet drop and is a real pleasure to use. Soflam's still bring so much heat
  4. Was coming into post this exact comment. If anything it's worse now than it was before and I've noticed an increase in lag compensation too.
  5. Double XP Managed to get 100,760 points in one game Got an MVP ribbon yesterday by.... 1 point Poor bastard in second.
  6. Been reading about the Japs in WW2 recently, I know every country has it's history of disgusting acts but...
  7. Which phone networks give the best pay monthly deals? I'm a complete phone noob tbh.
  8. One sided games suck dick.
  9. Just play hardcore mode for the handgun one, piece of p*ss. Platinum doesn't seem too difficult to get tbh. BF3 had some pain in the ass challenges
  10. Noticed that, was good craic. This double XP weekend has been a godsend. I'm finally fleshing out my options, only the weapon specific attachments and some of the vehicle stuff left to unlock. Loving the AEK right now, it's a f***ing beast. AEK is good but the ACE 23 is hands down the best AR. Any gun with 'ACE' is it's name is... ace
  11. http://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/official-semi-final-safc-v-man-u-match-thread.866248/page-51
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lloyd_Pye RIP
  13. Playing your record signing, injury prone ST in a match like this?
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