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  1. Another explanation would be that we can't go faster than the speed of light because we actually live in a computer simulation of a universe, the designer of which programmed the universal speed limit as such. Because an artificial computer-generated universe is theoretically possible and duplicates of that universe could be created, it stands to reason that there is a greater chance we live in a computer-generated universe than an actual one. This, of course, is not a particularly useful explanation, but is one that blows people's minds at parties.
  2. I can see Spurs losing to Fulham. If we beat Everton, I think we have a decent shot at 4th place. But just to be in contention on the last day is a remarkable accomplishment and I'll thoroughly enjoy Europa League next year if we don't make it to the Champions League.
  3. Harry Manx does a great version of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire." This is a decent live version.
  4. After last summer's US tour, probably not! Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. I seem to remember it being an overall bad experience for them.
  5. I'm debating whether I'll take the short drive to see Liverpool vs Toronto. I detest Liverpool, but I do still have some affection for Enrique and wouldn't mind seeing him play.
  6. Just heard that Liverpool are expected to play against Toronto FC in July and it got me wondering if there are any rumours regarding NUFC's summer plans. Has anyone heard anything about whether or not they plan to return to North America this summer?
  7. Our final three games are tough, but they're coming at the right time. Chelsea will have come off a lot of tough games and could potentially be playing in the FA Cup final three days after we meet them. Manchester City will likely have nothing left to play for, and same goes for Everton. If we can get 4 or 6 points from the next two games and we're still in the mix, I think we have a legit shot at it, particularly if Liverpool knock of Everton and we know that we've already qualified for Europa League. It's definitely exciting times. Who would have seen this coming?
  8. I officially love this man. He's the player we've been looking for over the past years.
  9. It would be massive for us to qualify for the Europa League. I'll be very disappointed if things conspire against us and we don't get in. I understand why some might not want the extra games, but there are some great potential match-ups and it would likely help to quell all of the talk of players leaving which is bound to happen the second the transfer window opens.
  10. I don't think that he actually took a dive. I think he just fell over. But that's just my opinion. We'll never truly know what his intention was.
  11. Personally, I wish that Reina hadn't gotten the red card. He's going to be suspended for the FA Cup semi-final, I believe, and we need Liverpool to win it to get us into Europe with sixth place. I want Liverpool's best players out there, brimming with confidence. At the moment, I don't see them beating Everton, and that could mean disaster for us, depending on how the other semi-final and the race for 4th goes.
  12. thewellander


    The problem with the scoring system is that they're using a boxing system in MMA, rather than inventing one that makes more sense for MMA. For instance, the judges are able to give 10-8 rounds, but there isn't a clear definition of when that should be given, unlike in boxing, where it's pretty straight forward. I definitely agree with the post above that good grappling defense should be scored more highly than it is. I was worried that Edgar's takedowns would be scored well in his favour since he got so many of them; but realistically, they weren't very effective, since he couldn't keep Benson down. If being able to defend against your opponent's strengths was scored higher, for instance, Bisping would have won the fight against Sonnen. Bisping deserved more for stuffing those takedowns than he got, IMO.
  13. thewellander


    I think Henderson won the fight, but stats need to be looked at one round at a time to determine a winner. Total strikes, takes downs, etc., have nothing to do with how the fights are scored.
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