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Staying Up


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Unless somehow Charlton win and Wigan draw, it will become mathematically impossible for us to get relegated.


It is unacceptable for us to have to wait until the third last weekend of the season to ensure survival in my opinion - shows how low our star has fallen.


Heads should roll this summer, starting with the manager, and the man who appointed him.

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Fuck me do you clowns still discuss relegation  mackems.gif


What do you expect? We're Toon fans. James is 100% correct, relegation should have never even been a possibility and it's a disgrace that it's taken us so long to be mathematically safe.

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Guest Nappy Rash

It's funny isn't it, but that's how well your hero Glen has done for us..


My hero?


He's my hero because Im not blaming for everything and I dont get happy pills on prescription  :cheesy:


What day is prescription day on here by the way?


I bet you think logic is summit to do with a rubix cube dont you.

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