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  1. For £20-£25m I guess that’s the going rate for young British PL players so not too upset by the price tag. Wouldn’t have been my first choice but I’m not Eddie Howe not seen enough of Gordon to make the same judgement he/they are. If it goes through hope the lad fits in well and is willing to learn from a far superior coach and manager than what he has been used too
  2. Yeah well then can 'want' away!
  3. Rather face City than Manure. Get the impression they would want/need it more and they are the spawniest fuckers out there as well. My favoured option is Southampton at home in semis second leg and City in final.
  4. Has feel of ‘we will rue these missed chances’ about it
  5. Loss by one maybe two goals for me, but in perspective they seem to be real contenders for the title (alongside Man City imo). Any sort of result would be magnificent, and obviously we are well ahead of expectations for this season already so won't be too upset when (if) we lose. Would be great if we had a fit Wilson available to get at their back four. Think 1-0 is most likely result.
  6. Everton fan at work saying Calvert-Lewin for £35m or is this Giggs?
  7. The Outfit love a bit of Mark Rylance. enjoyable little gangster type caper film. Decent watch for a cold night all wrapped up. Watched him in The phantom of the Open recently too. Cracking little golf comedy based on true events. (Remember hearing about the bloke in the 80s entering golf tournaments with catalogue clubs and no real talent 😂)
  8. All quiet on the western front - Excellent if a tad grim and sombering (to be expected I suppose!) Enola Holmes 2 - Not as good as the first one, bit over long but watchable (kids liked it)
  9. Decent start by Belgium, in midfield at least...but awful finishing and lack of desire in the box so far. Pelanty to Croats
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