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  1. Beginning to look like a professional footballer.
  2. Some nice phases and touches as usual (for the most part). Lovely chipped/dinked ball into the box, that was classy. He has it...how much does he WANT it. Is the question for me.
  3. Needs punted asap. Offers next to nothing and seems a permacrock/shirker.
  4. He is comfortably one of better players. Possibly says more about the squad than him, but the lad starts for me when fit. Murphy ahead of him is sheer lunacy.
  5. Be very happy with a point here. They are way underperforming at the minute and are 'due' some form at some point surely...Hopefully after they play us.
  6. Looking forward to the FA cup final tbh. Think it should be a good game.
  7. Too much Bollywood milfs.com?
  8. I have really enjoyed watching many of the games covered on the bbc recently. Really entertaining and of a good standard (overall) Hope it’s an aspect of the cub our new overlords get on board with developing.
  9. Sherwood was spouting this shite on sky yesterday. Saying we should only be looking at players from sides “conditioned” in a pl battle for survival. He was saying to not look abroad at all but at the likes of Norwich, Burnley etc for our signings. So this genius’s argument is to sign players who have been at struggling clubs, the same players whose ability have put those clubs there, rather than sign more talented players who aren’t used to scrapping for relegation. So sherwood would sign Ashley Barnes rather than Mohammed Salah using his logic.
  10. We need a midfield capable and mobile enough to offer both an offensive outlet and threat, and able to protect our centre halves and woefully weak full backs, and act as a defensive barrier. Agree with you entirely with regards to attacking intent, coupled with a solid defensive ability in built into the team, starting in the midfield areas. We need to buy that in my opinion, as I don't see it in any of the players we currently have. Unless Howe is simply a genius.
  11. Rodgers is funny one. Certainly a very good manager, and in a limited league will win stuff (as demonstrated up here). I'm just not sure about his ability in a very competitive league at the highest level. Think he will always be good enough to get a team competing and challenging, but winning things, consistently? Not sure. Not in the really tough leagues. A top 6 manager yes, but top 2..just not sure at all. Could see him bossing stuff in Holland/France etc for instance.
  12. Midfield protection for the back 3 CH was laughable at times looking at the highlights. We have poor full backs, substandard midfielders and only 1 or 2 competeent CH...not a recipe for any sort of success (by whatever standards you measure success against) Willock looks a shell of his former form (fitness or confidence?) The movement in midfield at times looked geriatric, offering no options for forward momentum when playing out from the back. The positional sense of the players playing in the full back roles was awful: we need proper full backs not make shift win
  13. Agreed Little to suggest otherwise. Fat cnut wins again. Too much damage done over too many seasons. Have faith in Howe getting us straight up in style though. Just knocks everything back 1 or 2 years in terms of longer term plans
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