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  1. Just proves that if you lie continuously and consistently then the problem magically disappears. why should they tell the truth when lying about things is never punished? There's no reason to be truthful as they're guaranteed to get away with it every single time if they parrot the same lie. Or they just ignore the question entirely and not provide any answer at all. No accountability, minimal pressure and zero shame in doing so. They've got it made, man.
  2. 13/8 that Rich changes the thread title to 'Idioms' overnight.
  3. When are these likely to go on sale? Any ideas?
  4. I think they should do the honourable thing and award each team a point per fixture for the rest of December. 2 points if your team begins with an 'N'.
  5. Christ almighty, I know they were caught on the hop a bit when they got the green light but they need to get their shit in a pile asap as that's a horrific tweet (if true obviously). They need someone who knows how the sport operates and can get things done, fucking about in the middle of December will absolutely come back and kick us square in the knackers if they don't get this right. The window is crucial to survival, they MUST see this, we're already staring down the barrel, this appointment (and the subsequent signings made by the chap this window) will go a long way towards deciding whic
  6. Remember when Ashley responded to criticism of the look of the stadium by just painting matt black paint over the dirt, grime and moss without even bothering to clean the breezeblocks first. What. A. Lad.
  7. He'll just do what he normally does, lie through his teeth without giving a solitary fuck. Nobody cares when he does it, nobody challenges him about it so he'll carry on doing it until something else distracts people for them to forget about it. I'm at the point now where I'm convinced he actually believes his own lies.
  8. Burn them. Scatter anthrax over them then shoot the ashes to the fucking moon. They're the physical embodiment of Ashley and his approach to the club. Cheap, nasty, low quality, low profile, zero credibility and zero ambition. They're the last connection to the previous regime and the sooner they're gone the better. Ashley out Bruce out Charnley out Sports Direct out all in the last 8 weeks. It's fucking magical
  9. Pick that cunt out. They've deserved it like, had 2 disallowed for a combined offside of about 13 mm.
  10. Pffft, bitch please. You can stamp on someone's face and not get booked by Dean
  11. Clipped him twice, once with each foot the nasty little cunt.
  12. I thought that was the exact situation they'd changed and basically overturned? Marginal offsides like that get given? Attackers get the benefit of the doubt or have I imagined the whole thing?
  13. midds

    Football pet hates

    Players being challenged, going to ground and scooping the ball up because they've decided they've been fouled before the ref has made the call. I'd give handball against them every fucking time.
  14. 27 years since their last trophy. Poor bastards eh?
  15. Saka assist & Gordon yellow 36/1
  16. Champion. Taking the boy to this one
  17. midds

    Random thoughts thread

    Was just being a dick tbh
  18. midds

    NFL 2021

    It's a very Seahawks thing to do. They're not to be trusted. Shitehawks would be more appropriate tbh
  19. midds

    Random thoughts thread

    Don't worry about it, never asked a single kid to use one since I started teaching in the late 1900's
  20. midds


    Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred Strong in the arm, thick in the head.
  21. midds

    NFL 2021

    Man alive! Lions win! Lions win!
  22. midds

    NFL 2021

    Who the fuck calls Detroit's plays? I mean, honestly? Who makes these relentlessly shit calls?
  23. midds

    Formula 1

    Not sure how feasible it would be but could you not have a pre-designated part of the lap to give a place back? Like it's already known by all drivers where to do it before the weekend starts so there's no confusion? Bit like a drop zone in golf, you gubb it into the stream then you drop from here.
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