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  1. pettily quoting this just in case though
  2. thomas

    U.S. Politics

    the grift has reached new lows
  3. thomas

    Daft questions

    11 is safe if you don't to much more than the basics (browsing, office apps etc). Lots of media app users and streamer friends have had troubles but that was a few months ago and I don't know how recent their build was. FWIW The install offers a 10 day rollback feature to windows 10 if you encounter anything fucked. After 10 days you'd have to do a clean install of 10 though.
  4. thomas

    U.S. Politics

    act like you know it next time instead of being cute with where you'd place obama on some objective political axis
  5. thomas

    U.S. Politics

    you know damn well shorthanding dems as left and repubs as right is fine for generic conversation
  6. thomas

    U.S. Politics

    Obama sucks but this post just smacks of "uh oh, someone said something bad about the guys on the right, gotta make sure to get some jabs in on the left too." like, okay. it's not a competition and we were talking about two specific people.
  7. thomas

    U.S. Politics

    the problem with all the GOPs who "sound reasonable" after office is that they never acted like it in office. Also he's a war criminal. Trump being so massively shit he makes us forget that about him is a trick Copperfield only wishes he could do.
  8. gotta say the first page of lea results don't help the case It's like her DNA got spliced with an Elon Musk fart in that chamber from The Fly.
  9. thomas

    Your pet hates

    I'm just learning of this. Every few years is like a new series of CrackerBall Z where we ascend to an even higher power of honkyness. NPR spiking the ball in the endzone with it :
  10. thomas

    U.S. Politics

    Unanimous. 2 Trump appointed, 1 Obama.
  11. thomas

    MLB 2022

    I mean the braves beat them in the NLCS last year too and I'm absolutely not counting on that happening twice. Postseason does some weird things but I think they're walking it this year.
  12. thomas

    MLB 2022

    We're all getting dry humped by the dodgers anyway
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