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  1. it's a weird lie to peddle especially when according to the PFMs Rafa was the most defensive manager since time began and yet somehow all these fans who bray for attacking football really liked him hmmm i wonder if there could be another reason for hating bruce and for him not having a clue besides the fan. Fuck off to your immaculately appointed Spanish villa, sam.
  2. Congratulations to the NFL on being cured of racism and homophobia.
  3. had the game on for all of 10 seconds and they score
  4. Ahhh, the sweet aroma of postseason victory.
  5. #2 Iowa upset by Perdue literally ours to throw away this year. Can't wait.
  6. In more positive UGA news and my weekly brief hijack of this thread, enjoyed this stomping of #11 Kentucky. 30-7 before a garbage time TD. allowed 51 rushing yards, Glad to see a little more offense out of us.
  7. thomas

    Lenny’s Lasses

    im just here to provide. more a fan of the tits bigger than her head types myself if we're talking about oversized sexy bits.
  8. thomas

    Lenny’s Lasses

    if you're into insane dumpers https://www.tiktok.com/@viraljen
  9. thomas

    Today I learned...

    sometimes referred to as "the norway of central asia"
  10. thomas

    Steve Bruce

    look at this guy bragging he doesn't read the food thread.
  11. logging pisses me off because nothing makes sense about encumbrance I'm carrying around an entire Home Depot lumber section and running a 4.4 40 but reap 3 parsnips and some hemp in the backpack and it's goodnight vienna. Maybe I just need a bag. Fuck if I know. I've tried to go into it as dumb as possible, watched no videos or streamers. I think the faction pvp will be fun. proximity voice chat though. why. like it's not even a meme or a joke about getting what you expect out of that.
  12. I'm on trapalanada. mega grindy. I mean I played 15 years of WoW. I'm obviously okay with treadmills. But I'm out here in my conquistador hat leveling up "logging" through deforestation and wondering where along the way I lost control of my life.
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