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  1. bombshell if true that the so called "big 6" would plot to form a breakaway league. I hope he has more to say about this startling revelation and it gets covered by the national media.
  2. extinction meteor/biblical flood 2024
  3. thomas

    MLB 2021

    Also I'm 100% calling them the Tardians because you can take away my racism but you'll never get my ablism. I feel that name is more than deserved with that winged-g's-cradling-a-baseball logo
  4. Still looks like a lot of food even with the fork thrown in for reference imo
  5. iirc Murdoch gave the order directly to call Arizona, literally saying "Fuck Trump" edit: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/07/rupert-murdoch-donald-trump-arizona-2020 edit2: possibly made up but I'm going to roll with it being real and I'm not open to being convinced otherwise thank you and good night.
  6. The reason I threw "(finally? for some reason?)" in there is that it's been enforceable since December 2020. I just have doubts as to why it would have taken almost 8 months for any traction to be gained when they've been blatantly lying about it for so long.
  7. I feel like he'd struggle to be actively worse.
  8. twitter speculation is FOX (finally? for some reason?) started getting heat somehow about https://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/statutes/covid-19-consumer-protection-act-2021-consolidated-appropriations-act and it trickled down to the clowns that parrot their shit. It'd be real fun if it was true but I doubt it. They probably actually just woke up to the fact it's their base that's (literally) dying off.
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    more or less. Set your ideology to what you like/dislike. pretty crazily customizable DEEP RPG MECHANICS
  10. thomas


    You didn't even blink before switching it to "Honorable" did you Mike
  11. thomas


    I'm low key mortified at how many people are going to wank themselves silly with their pawns living out misogynistic and misandrist fantasies given the male/female superiority, cannibalism, clothing and slavery precepts.
  12. Freak Asteroid will be the Sex Island of the future
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