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  1. some aviator goggles sitting atop the pate and a scarf to complete the "riding in a car in the 1910's" look
  2. running into so many seer/bloodhound/* trios. how many fucking wallhacks do you need you skilless cunts
  3. Any thoughts on Seer? Seems OP so far. Also the Rampage is fucking OP as FUUUCK. Either the thermite-charged rate of fire is going to get nerfed or thermites need to have their drop rates halved. Or something. People out here just frying with it
  4. The absolute gall of Royal Incest Island serfs pretending American hegemony isn't the natural endgame of the very anglo-saxon legacy they established it with is stupefying. Is the disappointment that we turned out just as shitty as you? Is this like a paternal expectation thing?
  5. Thought we had a crypto thread but I suppose this can go here JRR Token. Fuck my life.
  6. Tibet? Tienanmen Square? Your entire state-run media? The Great Firewall? Disappearing dissidents en masse? Forced labor in Xinjiang? IMF sucks balls though.
  7. no ... not .... america's favorite ... nipple-ringed governor .... say it isn't so
  8. He came out glistening, declaring he never felt better.
  9. the country founded by puritanical prudes and still dominated by repressed religious types? yeah we're not wild about public sex
  10. 100% missed the "Long Island / " at the start there; my hatred and low expectations of all things Florida blinded me to any other Nassau county being super shitty and my mind rolled with that.
  11. It actually hurts me physically to know you've never seen / will never see them
  12. every day i wish a little harder that the bugs bunny gif where he saws florida off somehow becomes reality.
  13. Aye I don't think such corporate shenanigans are really in their playbook given they just pay whatever it takes to buy whatever they want 99.999% of the time Unless it's us.
  14. the advice about rainbow hair is spot on. All the artsy/quirky chicks I ever knew, whether or not I hooked up with them, fit the "crazy but fun" stereotype except for the fun part. SCAD is like a beacon for them.
  15. sven looks like RPG loading screen art for the kobold cave you just walked into
  16. "Just to confirm - he is available, correct?" "Yes. Loan and buyout terms a-" "Oh no no, let me stop you there. We just wanted to find out." " .... "
  17. change nothing. you're going to live, statistically speaking, one of the best lives ever lived in the history of this planet. yeah the heart will go out at 50 but it's going to be an amazing time until then. in fact, tuck in to an extra burrito or two. that's my advice. extra burritos.
  18. Aye. Verdict is I'm shite. It's free and I prefer it to Kovaaks.
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