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  1. Get in! Still think we are too conservative and Zimmer thinks he has the elite defense of few years ago when in reality he doesn’t and offense is our strength now. We march down the field when ever we really have to or Cousins gets the green light.
  2. Dominated that and still somehow end up in OT despite Panthers literally having 1% chance at one point.
  3. Absolutely no reason to not wait at least a second before giving the pen, shocking.
  4. CHARGERS (+3) VIKINGS (+1.5) CARDINALS (+3)
  5. Haven't paid much attention but DPI simply doesn't exist for these Tampa DBs.
  6. Bills are so fun to watch.
  7. I missed it, would be joining the bandwagon otherwise. Lot of the officiating is so questionable. It's 2021 and games can be decided by which side's ref gets the ball first. Would some chip technology on the ball really be too much to ask? Respecting the call on the field can also be so fucking stupid if the ref who made the call had no idea what happened. Insufficient video evidence due to some huge arse maybe blocking the view and they stay with the call on the field despite the zeeb having no idea. And yes, I'm still salty about the Bengals loss.
  8. Chargers are fucking stupid.
  9. Toney looks like a star and a massive problem.
  10. I'm ready for it, watched the 2001-2002 season review DVD yesterday and still have the two following seasons on the shelf. Anxious about the Spurs game, have no idea if I can care again right away.
  11. This L is 100% on the playcalling. No one can cover Jefferson but we can’t throw to him because our identity is to run every fucking snap.
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