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  1. The clear-and-obvious bullshit? I'm sure VAR is looking at everything even when there's no notification to the viewer.
  2. Yup. Would've definitely been given in the PL and that is one reason I hate the PL VAR. It's technically a foul but next touch would've been a goal kick. There's no way that foul warrants a 0.8xG penalty IMO and common sense prevailed.
  3. Stonewall pel for me, hits him in the face way before Schick can head the ball.
  4. Yeah, it's been so much better than the PL VAR.
  5. Austrian goalie wanted to yell at the lino to get the yellow in the age of VAR.
  6. He really didn’t, papers are stupid. Stock went down from $56.10 to $55.22 mostly related to dividend being paid.
  7. Italy look almost perfect. Haven’t conceded in absolute ages and look dangerous going forward.
  8. That’s a beauty, Italy look really good. Hopefully Chiellini can play in the knockouts.
  9. First 60 minutes were alright but really disappointed with the last 30, just gutless and we seemed happy to lose 1-0. Subs looked like they had already ran a marathon before coming on.
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