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  1. Howay man, he wasn't in the team to get goals and assists
  2. I think it's mostly about just being nice and that culture of respecting everyone's wishes. Shelvey knows he's not playing without injuries and Forest offered him a longer deal and apparently a pay rise. We didn't want to stand in his way to have him on the bench.
  3. Pata

    Football pet hates

    It's not nonsense though and it's mind boggling that it took everyone so long to figure it out. It takes away one option from the freekick taker entirely and allows the players in the wall to jump as high as they can.
  4. Chelsea are 21 points behind Arsenal who also have a game in hand, they are not fighting for same spots in the table. Jorginho is also a player they don't mind giving to their rival due to his age. One could argue that they aren't realistically even competing against us this season but Chelsea have to keep some standards up.
  5. No team can sell enough players to stay inside the limits with this spending
  6. Feels like Arsenal letting Brighton know they aren't desperate and have other options too.
  7. Top players make a lot of money as the franchises are loaded and the leagues are money making machines. For example Mahomes in NFL signed that half a billion contract but that means the Chiefs can't spend that money on other players in their team. Brighton would be ace in American sports.
  8. This is the opposite of what American sports are like, much harder to buy success compared to football. Even baseball tries to limit spending and other major leagues have wage caps.
  9. Gordon doesn't have anywhere near the flair of ASM and that's not a dig at Gordon. I think we are too solid right now defensively on the left hand side and Howe obviously realises that but we are still not losing games (and creating chances) so he's in no hurry to change the starting eleven. Burn and Joelinton covering for ASM is more than enough and I'm pretty sure ASM or Gordon are on the left soon probably on Willock's expense. Almiron has started almost every game this season, Gordon should help with giving him some rest too. We are in a position where we can spend almost £50m on a squad player.
  10. You don't know that.
  11. Pata

    NFL 2022

    Has to flag that, so fucking stupid.
  12. Pata

    NFL 2022

    Think this is the most neutral bunch of four ever at this stage for me. Don't overly hate anyone but have no favourite either.
  13. Pata

    NHL 22-23

    Was to my first local hockey match in maybe five years, sold out and canny atmosphere. I was in the standing section due to nostalgic reasons, photo taken by a friend in the beer stand. Might try to get to a game or two more before the playoffs to avoid the gloryhunter tag.
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