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  1. Staff costs (including promotion related payments and provisions for onerous contracts) were as follows: 2016 - £74.7m 2017 - £112.2m 2018 - £93.6m Provisions for liabilities - Onerous employment contracts & other charges 2016 - £0 2017 - £21m 2018 - £12.2m (£9.7m provisions released in the year) 2019 - £8.2m (£4m provisions released in the year)
  2. This happened on Saturday: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/soccer/qatari-broadcaster-lets-screens-go-blank-on-italian-soccer/ar-BB15LsNG
  3. I don't go shopping much these days, but I've not seen any NUFC merchandise down here since early Ashley days. However there was a rack of these in Primark in amongst other random t-shirts (no other footy related stuff). No idea what it means, but found it bizarre for all sorts of reasons.
  4. Kid's clothes & shoes are zero rated in the UK aren't they? Don't know about the rest of the EU, but this suggests not. Would think that's a significant percentage of sales.
  5. No-one mention Hitzfeldgate
  6. UV


  7. Oh, but wait... http://www.brandindex.com/ranking/uk/2018-index/category/high-street-retail Well done to Sports Direct for going from a rating of terrible to slightly less terrible. Still a lower "overall brand health" in 2018 than BHS which went out of business 2 years ago though, so not all good news.
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  9. UV

    U23s & Academy

    Lock him up and throw away the key. Joking and laughing! The shame of it! How can a 22 year old child be expected to endure such vicious bullying? If he's not traumatised for life we should start the poor lad on Sunday so the away support, the Chelsea home crowd, commentators and journalists can show their support for him in an environment where players can be properly protected from any mocking comments, harsh words, or criticism of their ability.
  10. UV

    NUFC finances

    absolutely shameless He strangled the club's finances for his own gain. Absolute short sighted nobber. To be fair, the full quote is
  11. Not been watching, but I hope he doesn't win bake off tonight.
  12. UV

    Bob Concur

    Think my favourites are: Hey Bob, you sound just like the type of bloke we need running the club. How do you fancy a job on the board?
  13. UV

    NUFC finances

    So the club only made £18m profit, but the bank balance went up by £38m? That must mean Ashley is back to putting £20m a year into the club, right? Don't know why there's a boycoutt #ahkm #wait
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