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  1. We play them soon and having the pressure on them is where we want them. Short-sighted in celebrating this win for them.
  2. People are that far up Rafa's arse its more important to see him win than their own clubs survival.
  3. Dokko

    Transfer rumours

    Campbell is one of those Che Adams, Ings, DCL or Ivan Toney strikers we turn our nose up at now, becomes half decent and wonder how we missed out.
  4. Aye he's good. Needs to move asap and I think he might next summer.
  5. Laugh if he's broke his hand or something.
  6. Don't think that was intentional, soon as he realises he's stood on something he retracts.
  7. Ok for a six year old to watch me play? He's seen the films so as long as its along those lines.
  8. It's hard. Generally the big bad just gets over powered at the end and usually takes the shine off things. One of the Batman games did a really good job on the Joker. 1st or 2nd iirc. The bitch from the new Wolfenstein reboot was good as well.
  9. Dokko

    Disco Elysium

    Currently playing this. It's Sunday and I've just arrived to the Island. Little bit wordy, well far too wordy, not helped by forcing the text in the narrow scroll box but a great P&C adventure. Wasn't sure at first, especially with the inner voices angle...don't know if that was just me as it felt intrusive as I pretty much have that 'fight' daily so not sure I wanted to also play it. Probably didn't help that I picked the weird as fuck character who apparently has even more internal dialog than others. Played about 20 hours, hope it wraps up in the next 2-3 as that would be pe
  10. Was thinking the same. Get some decent seats this time so he can see.
  11. SD font has to go. It's an easy win for them. Back to old or something better. They also need to pick several prime locations for their branding and scrap the rest just so its visually cut down (for us) but still has the same exposure for cameras (and sponsor)
  12. Dokko


    About as well as Barton being found not guilty.
  13. Dokko


    It's all coming up Sunderland.
  14. Dokko

    Transfer rumours

    Just go for Joško Gvardiol and that's me buying one less left footed CB on my NUFC FM save.
  15. Dokko

    Formula 1

    Worth it. Reminds me of the Schumacher Vs Hill situation (when I actually enjoyed the sport) you know exactly what this fucker is going to do. Bottas needs to step up and wipe the cunt out.
  16. Dokko

    Formula 1

    Hope Max takes himself and Lewis out and Lewis gets out and beats the cunt to death with his helmet.
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59548308 Bellingham in a bit of bother. Police have been involved as well. Ridiculous. Hopefully he fucks off Germany and comes back to England to play for NUFC.
  18. 1st time i've had SSN's on for years, see this lad talking some decent sense on defending and having high praise for Jamal Lewis. Trying to figure out who it was and it's Stephen Warnock. Also found this on him: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/exclusive-stephen-warnock-liverpool-england-24805177 Poor bloke. Imagine a fair few footballers feel that drop off after their career ends, but also a marriage to add to it is certainly a stresser.
  19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59550501 BBC catching up.
  20. Aye. Total mess like and I doubt any of it would stand up in court as well. This lot will only be delayed, they won't be stopped. At some point everyone against gets sick of it and by then it'll be too big to derail.
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