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  1. Would explain the lack of signings. Floodgates about to open.
  2. still up for this. We all PC/gamepass? Also, is it cross platform? Wor lass has just been in a car accident so doubt we're going away now so might have time over the weekend.
  3. Dokko


    I wouldn't even admit them. They should be quite happy taking their chances at home on their own.
  4. Dokko


    Weirdly I found the the most masked place I’ve been since restrictions ended. I've a bus stop across the road and everyone is masked going on the bus. Was at davanti tm station and everyone was masked to their table and watched as loads piled off the metro where again numbers were high. Arcades in whitley was probably the lowest I've seen it but it's full of kids. Proper Bars of course it's all over, virus defeated and party time
  5. Dokko


    I’m still seeing the majority of people wearing masks in shops and especially going on to public transport. Maybe there is still a sensible amount of folk around.
  6. Total dogshit signing. No idea what our scouts see in players half the time. As said above, sometimes better off signing no one. Think this season were about to prove whether that statement is correct.
  7. Sounds like a few up for this. I'm away camping Thurs to Sunday morning this week but up for it before or after. Is it cross platform? Strikes me as a game which should be. If so I could join on my phone if signal decent
  8. I went back on after the above comment and haven't been off it since Yeah, this would be a good N-O game, but guess you've already done it and i've missed the boat?
  9. Had a couple of games on that Among Us. Bairn (5) will sit and watch kids play it on kids YT all day if we let him so fired it up on my phone there and it was like Christmas had come early. It's pretty much a video game version of Mafia card game. I can see why people can sit playing it all day, not sure if its for me though.
  10. Didn't seem too buggy for me just hollow and boring. Put a put 10-20 hours in to it before realising there's no substance beyond the technical glitches.
  11. Need to try this controller. Game pass is a bribe to fill the void covid has created. It's working but can't last forever.we need some proper next gen games...before the year is out imo.
  12. Dokko

    Tokyo 2020

    Ah right. Makes more sense now. Thought these were 2021 babe Ruth's out there
  13. Don’t support NUFC. Get a trade buy a house early doors Dont do drugs
  14. Dokko

    Tokyo 2020

    Can’t believe the US got beat at baseball. keeping the World Series in-house not working for them these days.
  15. Dokko

    The homeowners' thread

    Had the dyson about 10 years now. Got it on hotdeals for £99. DC19 iirc. If it fails it’s shark time.
  16. can’t put a price on comfort. Dignity, however.
  17. Finally caught up on Time. Had to watch all 3 back to back, then just contemplated it for 24 hours. Just keeps flashing back, sure I was there, in it. trauma aside it was superbly done if a little obvious, Stephen Graham is a national treasure. One of the greatest actors we’ve ever produced.
  18. Backbone. Nice little game spoiled by the plot twist. Really didn't suit it and felt out of place. Shame
  19. Next up is a decent pair of leather driving gloves. If i could get them to match my cap even better...
  20. And that is where i'm at with my life and i'm very comfortable about being there. I've a nice quilted black Barbour jacket to go with. Going shooting in October as well but it's mainly for camping and walking
  21. They really do. All men over 40 wearing a BBC look like Ron Howard. It's time to evolve. It's a step towards death. I've very much given up and want to die in comfort. Well i tried one on today and it wasn't what i wanted but she said it looked better than expected. Ordered it in the car on the way home. Quickly got in there. More Victor Meldrew We're limited to what we can do when we don't have hair. Not becoming a complete cunt is optional. Feedback as expected, tbh. So far a lot less than i
  22. Bought a flat cap. Fuck it I'm 40, shaved head and can't wear baseball caps or beanies these days without looking like a midlife crisis so bit the bullet. She's not happy, more contentious than it should be, this is several years of arguments over it and I've finally won.
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