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    NYK 2021-22

    It's time! Magic to once again have a fucking horrible record. LETS GOOO!
  2. Nah, Antony came into the side and Neres hasn't gotten a look in since.
  3. Him and Raphinha please
  4. Flip

    Jonjo Shelvey

    He's trying to do us a favour by getting Bruce sacked. Very good.
  5. I don't bet much, usually I'll put a tenner every other weekend or so. This week I put roughly £5 on 745 x the money, only to lose out on the £3.7k profit I would've made by Malta scoring a 98th minute equalizer against Cyprus (it was one of the first games on my acca, and realized this morning it was the only one that I missed) How do you not fucking tilt after that Mother of god.
  6. Flip

    NFL 2021

    Look at you two. Happy for you both.
  7. I'd love it Love watching these sports documentaries where they follow the team from the inside and giving us a little of what happens in the day to day of a sports team.
  8. Flip

    Transfer rumours

    JWP, Raphinha and Zaha are all realistic given none play in the CL, and would make us 10 fold the team we are already.
  9. Flip

    Transfer rumours

    There's no other player I think would fit this team better at this point right now. Seems very realistic at this moment as well.
  10. Flip

    Transfer rumours

    That would be stupid. Should be going for Raphinha. Realistic and him and St Maximin on each side of Joelinton would be causing all kinds of trouble
  11. Didn't even realize it was that long. Damn.
  12. Well, he's still alive no? Jokes aside, yes. I hope I'll be buzzing when the transfer rumours gets going again. :
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