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  1. Close to booking flights, question is if ticket prices in the black market will fall below £1.7k More expensive than World Cup tickets this. Man U side is far more reasonable at roughly half the price. (Even if expensive as hell)
  2. If we finish top 4 and are willing to splurge on wages there’s no reason as to why players wouldn’t want to come here.
  3. Watch the replay angle again, Brunos foot leaves the same moment as the Southampton players. It’s pure unluck. Bruno can’t redirection is challenge at that point. Stuff like this happens. Clear red, but calling our best player on the pitch tonight for 45minutes (the other 45 minutes our team was nonexistent) is very harsh. Enjoy the fact that we are in a final instead.
  4. Do you guys remember Mike Ashley? Or even this fuckface ? How quick the tables have turned for us. We deserve this, even the ex-Liverpool fan @Mike deserves this. Too many years, too many years.
  5. Call it stupid if you want, but their player awkwardly stretches out his leg around the same moment as Bruno goes for the tackle. Whole thing just looks weird. Just unlucky. No malice nor clumsiness to it imo. Now he can rest a bit.
  6. Back for the final if we make it. All that matters. Should be able to get at least 3 points from those three games. Not enough but shouldnt be the end of the world.
  7. Nah, he’s 100% Brazilian. His great grand father is Italian or something like that. Just like 30% of the Brazilian population however, just like Deco, Pepe, Diego Costa, Thiago Alcantara (the one with the best case to play for another country despite his father being a world cup winner for Brazil) and tons of others he chose to play for a different national side.
  8. Flip

    NFL 2022

    Mahomes is going to be considered the greatest ever when his career is over.
  9. Basically what some dude is doing with Botafogo and Lyon. Think he owns a piece of Crystal Palace as well. He might be murdered by Botafogo fans though.
  10. What exactly does he do well? Seen enough of Liverpool and Uruguay to say he doesn’t offer much and has a terrible footballing IQ. Both have a similar record with around 1 goal every 3 games in English football. Doesn’t make any of them anything other than flops for now.
  11. Darwin Nunez, the worst flop of all times? I mean he’s even worse than Antony.
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