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  1. Beef

    Kieran Trippier

    I live a few minutes walk from the Atletico training complex and he is going to be thinking exactly this when he compares the two.
  2. I spend more time in Madrid than I do in Newcastle these days so there is only one choice. It has to be Rayo Majadahonda.
  3. Beef

    Rafa Benítez

    Dear Rafa. Please just leave and go and manage Rayo Majadahonda. Do with them what you wanted to do with Newcastle. I'll be there to watch you every step of the way. You really are too good for this lot.
  4. Funny you ask that now, it's Pardew! Lol. Ok the one before that? Shearer. Kinnear before that. Neither of them went to another club though. The two before who quit rather than got sacked (Keegan and Gullet) didn't leave for a new job either. We've never had a manager poached in my time supporting the club. Gordon Lee?
  5. How else do you think I've won the thing both times I've entered
  6. It doesn't matter how shit we are, which league we play in, I support the team I was born to support and I'm F****** proud of it
  7. If I recall correctly it was me, Hatfulof Hollow and ANKDH and anyone of us could have won it on the last day. I assumed the "That fullof fellow" under Fugazi's name meant he was formerly HOH. Anyway, I fancy playing again this year, got my enthusism back after it was crushed by Souness, Roeder and Allardyce.
  8. I couldn't be bothered to defend my title, couldn't get motivated under Roeder and Allardyce. I have to admit it was a wonderful feeling when we beat Chelsea last game of the season and I hit the top for the first time all year and nicked the title
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