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  1. Nah that's a massive fail from AR. It's not some, it's most. I give Johnny Mercer a pass
  2. As a director of finance I take offence to that - I've never come across an Audrey in accounts! I've also pretty much given our operations team a blank cheque to making the uni safe for students and staff, I don't know of anyone who is liking to save a few quid on coilvid safety. It's more likely an image and a hassle factor than financial
  3. Wolves to score in the last 5 mins would be my bet
  4. My supplier went bust in April, took until August for SSE to set up my new account and get everything in place. People being switched now are basically fucked as they are probably not going to be in a position to do anything with a tariff or supplier until the Spring
  5. I've also found it amusing that Wales has a dragon on the flag, famously defeated by St George of course therefore just another symbol of Wales' place in the pecking order in the union. Brazil has the best flag imo - other than the Jolly Roger
  6. Should have noted, my verbal diarrhea is simply that, I'm more inclined to go with an accidental leak from a lab late in 2019 but the alternative is within the realms of possibility
  7. It's highly contagious now, but (and this is pure spitballing rather than any real knowledge) it is theoretically possible that in March 19 it wasn't as contagious and only a number of mutations between March and November/December resulted in Covid-19 as we know it in terms of contagiousness
  8. That was a fairly well known story line idea wasn't it?
  9. Isn't that the whole point of the Rock? He is a very marketable light weight actor who can carry a film meant to be light relief. It's something he does very well. He is fact becoming over exposed with his self promotion, but hes not alone in that and in many ways is just part of the first big wave of Insta/Tik Tok/Insert a.n.other social media platform fatigue. He aint ever going to win an Oscar for his acting ability but he's a likable enough goofball to headline every third film that is released for the next 5 years, at which point his career as the main man will dis
  10. As the original haircut username I'd like it on record that I'm not and have never been a Mullet
  11. Metro (Radio or FM can't remember what they were called back then) had it for Sunderland matches and I think it may also have been played at the Stadium of Shite when they came out
  12. We going to lobby Doris now that Oli has been given the Spanish archer?
  13. Shed Seven Going for Gold for the 95/96 season Soul Bosa Nova for the 98 world Cup
  14. Little known fact is that Ms Minaj was part of a secret early trial of the vaccine around 10 years ago (man made virus remember) and she had a similar side effect, only for her it was her arse that became swollen and out of proportion. Permanent side effect as well.
  15. But him going to Chelsea did give us all the Gerrard moment.
  16. Wild thing to be arsed about When talking about sex with a trans woman. I'm being childish
  17. Difference this time (hopefully) is that there is no cushion to hide behind. 1 point from 5 games looks a hell of a lot worse in your first 5 games than it does in games 20-25 when you already have a few wins on the board. Of course our lot will just look at it as more time to turn it around
  18. America the home of dreams, where a handsome black boy can become an ugly white woman
  19. You could argue the same for Sky, Netflix, Prime, Disney, Brit Box etc. Maybe things will catch up but in ye olden days you would need to buy each paper in its physical form to get a breadth of reading so this is no different. Maybe a one off / adhoc viewing fee would be the way forward to grab casual readers but the admin behind this may outweigh the benefits if demand from a broad cross reader is low
  20. When you drop a daily 10k run but don't adjust your diet it's quite easy to pile that on. I could certainly cheat a poor diet in my early to mid thirties with a lot of running, doubt I could do that now in my early 40s. The Haribo may have to go :-)
  21. Loved going to the gym for a 10k at 6:30 everyday. Then 2 kids came along and 4 stone got put on. I might be able to sneak in 30 mins at lunch time, really need to shift the lard now
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