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  1. treemag


    Happy Times, Leeds & Milan my personal faves
  2. It's a risk to think we have enough , we should but I just hope Rafa bought into this window or he could just walk
  3. treemag


    £25 @ 9/2 to win it
  4. I had same, the Feb DD is last instalment for 2013-14 ticket, if you want to see out this season you must pay one last time
  5. Where are all the fanboys tonight , they must be so proud ?
  6. treemag


    You beat who you are up against, to a man they bossed it , they wanted it more than us they had more at stake and it showed
  7. It's hard too do , but if you are struggling to let go, maybe that us your answer
  8. I emailed but got no acknowledgement ,so I followed up with a letter and they have now confirmed the cancellation, sad it has come to this
  9. I don't post but love this site and the passion for our club held within. It makes me really sad to read some of the comments on here and that it has come to this for some of us, I for one will not be renewing this year. I've held a ticket on and off since Keegan arrived as a player and my current seat since 00/01, the lack of ambition and disregard for us fans from the boardroom have finally finished me. I fell in love with this club as a 5 year old ( now 48) and will continue to be, although sadly no longer from within SJP on match days. What is the point in investing into a reg
  10. 4 from See tickets Sat night, Hotel booked , well happy
  11. treemag


    8 of us got tickets thru their Gold card scheme,100's down towards the Roker end , at the end of the game giving abuse to the seats above, only for loads to unzip their coats and show toon tops underneath
  12. treemag


    Stood in the Clock Paddock for this one, chaos when it went in
  13. treemag

    Kevin Nolan

    What's Carlton Coles value ?
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