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  1. Anyone know if any pubs in Whitley Bay Area sneakily show the games ??
  2. No, it’s like for like I think
  3. Will improve atmosphere though
  4. Would imagine it is due to when MA was here he didn’t make it possible. As in wasn’t interested in holding events or making money from it etc. would imagine with the new owners they’ll look at making money in many ways. This being one way.
  5. It’s a screen shot from a TikTok video he posted 2 days ago from his birthday. On the video it says “enjoy” repeatedly. Literally nothing to it at all
  6. If he did. He’d have signed with them straight away imo
  7. Lowndsy

    Upcoming gigs

    Went to Slamdunk festival on Friday last week and as a bit of a gap filler between bands I checked out “electric callboy” who are a German band. it surprised me how good they were live having only heard one song before that. if anyone likes heavy music (they classed as metalcore I think) then check them out, they at the NX (academy) in sept and I reckon it’ll be a quality gig
  8. Hopefully see them lent to darlo. Spenny. Blue star etc too then 👍🏻 Good idea.
  9. Bad enough them doing the sam fender gigs. But going to Gateshead games to do displays is not it. Let them do their own.
  10. Lowndsy

    Jesse Lingard

    Seen that. Looked like he had 2 bottles. Then couple sips of wine. He had two glasses of coke Next to his plate he was obv drinking that haha
  11. Anyone who lives in the area and looking for somewhere new to watch games. Spennymoor have announced their season ticket prices Adult £130 Concession/over 60s £90 Under 18s £15
  12. They are with Nike from next season. I’d like to see what Hummel would be like. Not sure about Adidas, would likely end up with a same template as every other striped club and all training gear will be the same as everyone else’s.
  13. We all know how far behind sky sports usually are with news. So this could be a lot further down the line than we thought.
  14. Gateshead vs spennymoor tonight Darlington vs blyth tomorrow night
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