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  1. Merry Christmas everyone.
  2. Toon Amy

    Alan Pardew

    This is what I've been saying. Childish but true.
  3. Toon Amy


    It did when it first broke mate, thread titles change as more info comes in Oh well, I better spend my time 24-7 on the forum in future.
  4. Toon Amy


    thought so. Cheers. As the thread title doesn't say anything about an agreement I thought that must be the case.
  5. Toon Amy


    Did anyone else see this on twitter?
  6. Toon Amy

    Alan Pardew

    rumours that Nigel Adkins is going to be replaced at Southampton. I think he would be a good manager for us. (And fits the criteria that Ashley normally wants as well)
  7. Toon Amy


    Just a cheap one, not too worry, decided against it now. Looking for a good entry-level one that will play iPlayer and read kindle books and pdf. Also has to use the google marketplace. Any suggestions?
  8. Toon Amy


    Quick question for you as I can't find the answer by searching: If an Android tablet is being sold as SlideMe marketplace, does that mean it can't get GooglePlay? Or does it need to be hacked/rooted/whatever? cheers if you let us know the correct answer. ta.
  9. Toon Amy

    Chris Hughton

    Chris is on Focus Forum on the BBC website. Good interview, just thought I would mention it for those who haven't seen him on FF last weekend.
  10. oh, I thought there was something new in here... this is the best thread on N-O ... ever. Can't wait for some new animations.
  11. Toon Amy

    Jose Fonte

    Is this a joke? It's the fella who's missus Pardew was alleged to have slept with. He has transferred him before. I am saying alleged, not saying there is any truth in these rumours but we have all heard them surely?
  12. No Ordinary Family = Heroes rip off... but then again Heroes got over-complex imo so it's good that someone has a chance for a new shot at it. It isn't too bad so far, quite enjoyable light entertainment. The Event has been quite good so far. That's about it because I don't tend to watch what I don't enjoy so theres nowt to say about it anyway.
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