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  1. Is it just me or is the vertical "Newcastle United Football Club" stripe missing?
  2. FA Cup Ah, forgot about that one. Cheers!
  3. Just a random question, but looking through the fixture list and there aren't any scheduled for weekend 15-16/2. Why is that? As far as I can see there are matches in the Championship and no internationals...
  4. Didn't Allardyce field 7 defenders against us when Blackburn beat us 2-1 at SJP in 10/11? Robinson Samba Givet Nelsen Salgado Jones Chimbonda Emerton Kalinic Pedersen Hoilett accoring to nufc.com. So if you count Emerton as a defender, which he almost is, you're right.
  5. I quite like that 10+ games in this case actually is 10+1. And winning 10 out of 11 games for City, playing what I only can assume against lesser teams isn't really all that impressive. Don't know why I got all this worked up for by this particular stat
  6. Potentially worth £8m according to BBC!
  7. As a defensive midfielder he's immense. But my only problem with him is that he tries too much in the attack. He's nog the most gifted passer of the ball and should only make short range passes to more creative minds. Leave crosses and such things to others. If I'm not mistaken, one of his crosses almost cost us a goal but luckily Lennon(I think it was) couldn't convert. Overall he's great. Quality attitude and he could probably crush a diamond with his fist
  8. In the first half he couldnt cope with Bale. Probably should have been sent off as well. Last season he did alright, not as bad as many wants to point out, but today he was poor.
  9. Lagerstedt

    NUFC Kits

    It looks so cheap. And I'm not to fond of having white as the dominating colour. Well, at least the away strip is nice!
  10. Such an ugly sponsor. Now, wouldn't it be sort of funny if the didn't manage to qualify to the group stage of the Champions League?
  11. Not the bump I wanted either and I'm dubious about the interesting aspect too. Boy, you lot are a tough crowd to please!
  12. Reading an article on a swedish fan site about Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas' latest rant. He has apparently said that he wasn't too pleased with some of the high earners performances last season and that they will be looking to flog some players. One of those mentioned in particular is Cissokho who has been pretty vocal the last few days (according to the article) about his intentions of leaving Lyon and has also hired a lawyer who specialises in sports. Could we be lurking in the shadows perhaps?
  13. Now, Imagine me coming on your forum and telling all the Spurs fans that Fraser Forster was signing for Celtic. No-one gives a monkeys man. To be fair though, this thread is called "other clubs' transfers" so there's really no need to act like a dick. That said, some of the posts by Martin Jol are not suited for a Newcastle forum, but overall do posters who support other clubs contribute a lot to this board and we shouldn't push them away.
  14. Lagerstedt

    NUFC Kits

    Are people warming to the idea of spikes because they honestly like it or because they realise we're stuck with spikes so might as well embrace the design?
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