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  1. Adam

    Anthony Gordon

    If Wilson keeps going across the keeper the CB can't tackle him, however its a much harder finish. Like others have said, Gordon gives us another excellent option, is rapid, seems to have a really good awareness, and can't be a total shithouse if needed.
  2. This. If we have Bruno and Isak yesterday its a very different game. We're probably still a midfielder light, but considering we had Anderson on for that last 10 minutes and were the better team we might get away with it. Obviously suspensions and injuries are the big risk, but the club is far ahead of where we all thought we would be.
  3. Adam

    Anthony Gordon

    If he's done that he's still driven on a public road. I'm assuming he'll get a hefty fine and his ban extended. If he's actually driven the car somewhere other than the hotel, then fuck knows.
  4. Adam

    Anthony Gordon

    The club needs to ban G-wagons. But he's also a fucking idiot for doing this.
  5. Everton 0-2 Arsenal Villa 2-1 Leicester Brentford 1-0 Southampton Brighton 3-0 Bournemouth *double* Man Utd 2-0 Palace Wolves 1-2 Liverpool Newcastle 1-0 West Ham Forest 1-1 Leeds Spurs 1-3 Man City Man Utd 3-0 Leeds
  6. SITTING TOGETHER Fans who wish to sit together must have linked their online ticketing accounts at book.nufc.co.uk in advance using 'friends and family'. A maximum of SIX tickets can be purchased per transaction and all supporters must have the same required level of eligibility and select the same ticket price brand for the transaction to be processed. Travel Groups are not available for this match. So you would need to book in the same block. So if you're Block 1 but mates are block 3 then you need to buy at once in 3. Assuming you have linked them on your account as well.
  7. Daft question but does anyone know who (if you can) to save card details in to the booking system? My ST is direct debit, and I can't find a way to save card details.
  8. We've had two away games, 1850 fan at Tranmere and 3200 at Southampton. So thats 5k tickets gone, if those who went to the away games have 25 points or went to all thw home games. Then how many ST holders have 25 points? Even if its 15k, that still leaves 10,000 tickets for block 3. The wording about sale and ballots says to me that, if you're in 1 2 or 3 you will get a ticket if you want one.
  9. Train tickets are booked, got a friend to stay with. If I get tickets I'm going, if not I'll refund the train and go in to town.
  10. Hopefully not? That's stupidly late for people to get back home on the trains after.
  11. He'll be a miss, but second half vs Fulham we played well without him. I trust Eddie and the coaches to come up with a master plan regardless.
  12. Adam

    Alexander Isak

    Ball to the face, not sure on concussion rules hopefully be ok for Saturday.
  13. Now the stress of getting a ticket begins. I'm hoping as a ST who attended all the home cup games sees me through.
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