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  1. I'm firmly ensconced in with the 10's. Giving up everything nufc related bar this forum.
  2. Was barely hanging on by my finger nails over the summer, the Euros briefly made me think there might be something left but nah, that's me done with the club in its current form and done with the PL and pretty much all football. MAY watch the odd Champions League match solely because I signed up to BT Sports for the american sports coverage. Can't even rouse myself with the thought that Bruce might get it tight once crowds are allowed back in. We'll roll wor sleeves up.........
  3. Just watched a clip of her interview. Well done lass! Makes the NUST "response" all the more embarrassing.... to be outdone on something so important to fans (i.e. it's members) by a 16 year old. They can consider themselves 1 member down.
  4. to understate it somewhat that's bad patter from the trust like. what the fuck?
  5. Oh Christian, just fucking say it man!!! Enough of this "I'll tell my story sometime down the line, when I've got a book to sell" pish. Just cough up the dirt and hang the kunt out to dry!
  6. Better looking than terry christian i'm sure but dani behr? Think not.😉
  7. Rio defending southgate for being conservative. Two faced kunt.
  8. What's the deal with them taking their.medals off straight away? Is that a "done" thing with losing finalists? Being a nufc fan i dont see many medal ceremonies.
  9. Genuinely feel kinda sorry. At halftime i thought it was yours to lose.
  10. Mine too! Hey honey, if you're reading this I love you so much, thank you for making me the man I am today. Never knew I could appreciate home furnishing and HGTV so much. Oh, and that other 'stuff' in my browsing history.... that must be some kinda of virus.
  11. Turned on the telly.... wish to God I hadn't.... see the shite has started already on every fucking channel!!.
  12. Yes is true Rafa.... I stormed in to to see Gullit, took the door of it's hinges and nutted the bastard.
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