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  1. I went from just thinking it was a question of how many would England score to actually being a bit disappointed we didn't win that. What the fuck were you lot up to? Better hope that proves a wake up call to Southgate.
  2. If Luke or Alex is reading this can I ask you to check with bacon boy that his mobile is fully charged and not on silent?! Considering how good a job he's done here he should be having to hire a PA to handle all the clubs calling.
  3. Why's he not championing his boy Brucey for the job? Keys should be banned from this forum along with Edwards and Jacobs. kunts.
  4. I hope the "team" the PL had working on this are the same that's working on the arbitration/competition cases. Would make me a lot more optimistic in takeover happening.
  5. I'm of the same opinion but can't envision how that plays out..... PIF can't just "return" and the PL just applies o&d test and it's passed. That would raise some eyebrows. Surely there would have to be some kind of pretence where it's "disclosed" that PL were after abc evidence and PIF were like "oh, we thought you meant xyz, no probs, here you go" Like i said, don't see how the PL save their reputation here. Maybe they don't. personally i would love to see the fuckers burn.
  6. Watched Odd Thomas on Prime last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it and the lead actress, Addison Timlin is one of the most beautiful creatures on God's planet.
  7. That reminds me...... Is operation hunt the mole still ongoing?
  8. 99.9% of me couldn't give a flying fuck about this match. Was going to say 100% but the .1% is obvious by me being in this thread but that .1% is fading fast. I'm at home, got nothing pressing to get on with now works out the way and I still think I'm going to give watching the match a miss. Unless a takeover happens over the summer I doubt I'll be watching any games next season. Gutting to feel this about my club.
  9. should be on the Trust's board!
  10. Quite rightly gets pelters for being dog shit but credit where it's due. Corker of a penalty.
  11. I'm thinking it's the True Faith podcast 'crew'.
  12. But the kunt gets a round of applause from the minions at the sheff u match. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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