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  1. Praying that whoever it is makes a full recovery. Looked liked the physio was running across with a defib. Is that the only one in the ground? No others dotted about?
  2. Could I politely request you stop leaving the f**kin room?!
  3. 100% correct decision but by heck, VAR is bollocks.
  4. 8 pages for a pre match thread before squad is announced? When was the last time? The good times back?
  5. Ever thought of a career in graphic design?
  6. I Think that's just bruce's arse licker starting the jungle drums beating to get his mate good press for future jobs. Both of them know he's away.
  7. School canteen is what I thought of when I viewed the clip. I know it's the NFL but this is what we should be going for:
  8. What time does he call this to be rocking up to work? Nae wonder we're shite. Scrub that, if he was present more we'd be even shitter.
  9. I can get a day delay on that? Can't take all this 'celebrating' I've been doing.
  10. You're all kidding yourselves..... he's going nowhere..... This whole fake takeover is just a smokescreen. Operation 'mole hunt' is still in process and agent bruce will be going deep undercover to root out the traitor. The names bruce, steve bruce. XXXXL, licence to fry.
  11. On my holibobs so taking in Whitby Town v Witton Albion. Dunno if a post takeover hangover but thoroughly enjoying it.
  12. to piggy-back on this........ just think what it must feel like for the staff working at the club!?! Really happy for them just to do what (I assume) they're good at without hands tied behind their back. Expect the club's social media platforms to be used for actually communicating with us which will feel refreshing.
  13. See some trog on RTG is suggesting that the other 19 clubs refuse to play us.
  14. That's the one! Started watching just to see his reactions to his team plummet down the leagues but actually jump on to his channel now and again.
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