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  1. This is like listening to Sky cover a liverpool match. hoop licking!
  2. There's no way the Eagles lose this is there?... 4th string QB FFS!!
  3. As a Broncos fan that is some kinda black magic shit.
  4. Was just about to post the exact same thing
  5. My celebrity crush atm, can't get enough of her:
  6. Tom Pelissero on Twitter: "#Cowboys DC Dan Quinn informed interested teams that he is staying in Dallas, per sources. Quinn was a top candidate for the #Cardinals’ head coaching job and also interviewed with the #Colts and #Broncos. But his heart is in Dallas and he wants to win a Super Bowl there. https://t.co/yl7gXtYIOv" / Twitter Bugger. Was my No.1 pick as well. Looks like it's Ryans job to decline. Would be interesting if he picked Houston, just for shits and giggles like.
  7. Ian Rapoport on Twitter: "The #Panthers are hiring former #Colts coach Frank Reich as their new head coach, sources tell me and @TomPelissero. The organization’s first QB, he now becomes their coach. https://t.co/M0vIee9ZtK" / Twitter
  8. This is gonna be a good 'un methinks.
  9. Great thread! High-brow answer is I was born in the northeast and was at an age of getting "into" football, didn't want to support one of the Edinburgh teams so looked for the 1st division club nearest to where I was born which was the Newcastle. Real answer: Jossy's Giants kids programme on BBC.
  10. You obviously never had a season of Hackett-ball.
  11. I did not know that. Every day's a skool day.
  12. Another 3rd stringer about to win a play off game this weekend?
  13. Had to admit defeat and go to bed around 1am uk time. Just finished watching the game. Wow! Chargers truly "charged" that one. Was gonna stop watching at halftime and just watch the 5min recap. So glad I didn't. No for us to pump Fulham and then roll on tonight's entertainment. Oh, and fuck Colo curls..... I want Trev's locks!
  14. Great game so far. Seattle surprising me.
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