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  1. Even IF we give him that we were not "boring" against Leeds, therefore we were 'exciting' it's as if he's trying to claim it was by design "yeah, I meant for us to play like that!" I bet that if we got gubbed 5 or 6-1 he'd be in the presser giving it "at least we weren't boring eh? Are you watching Rafa? eh? Rafa? You there?"
  2. Bruce on chants for him to go: "I've had flak since I walked through the door. Unfortunately it's something we all (managers) have to deal with. You're judged on results & we haven't got enough at the moment. We're supposed to be 'boring Newcastle' but we weren't vs Leeds." Oh, you cabbage faced, snively, kunting bastard!!
  3. He'll be nicking that for his uber eats profile pic.
  4. Very sad to hear this. Wouldn't wish it on anybody. Hope he has the support around him he'll no doubt need.
  5. So much to to pick from in that dose of verbal diarrhoea but I've zoned in the above as really pissing me off.... it's the "so I have to accept" bit. Fuckin' hell! You can picture him saying to himself "Everyone is saying results have been garbage so I've got to reluctantly go along with that." It's as if its just our opinion that we're shite. No steve, we are factually shite! Google the word 'shite' and a picture of brucie's nufc appears. Bawbag!!!
  6. Oh, forgive me oh great one. We're shite cos we're not "balanced" enough!?!
  7. That bit in bold... I'm reading that two ways. 1) bruce is basically saying to Cashley "I haven't got the results, please hurry up and sack me". In no way am I saying he's in any manner "manning up". Just wants his pay off 2) or is he trying to play the victim again and imply that when a team doesn't get results it's 'unfairly' lumped on the Head Coach's shoulders. i.e. that 20 seconds against Southampton and not holding a lead against West Ham, well that's that all in the stars isn't it? Nothing that the person in charge of players and tactics can do about that surely?
  8. This 100%. Not saying the lad is premier league material but they way he's been shat on by bruce is unreal.
  9. Could there not be a "mutual parting". He doesn't resign and he's not sacked but a sum is agreed that will cover his mortgage on his villa in Portugal?
  10. Kendall Hinton getting bumped up?😉
  11. Thick doesn't cover it. He could be worse manager in history but with a bit of savvy he could have controlled his narrative from the moment he got the job and had us, maybe not worshipping him, but would be on his side but nah. He chose his route and burnt the ships as well.
  12. Very good point now you mention it.
  13. Jeudy!!! Noooooooo!!! 😢😢
  14. Imagine being in Ferguson's dressing room for that many seasons and not picking up a single fucking idea on tactics
  15. Just watched that exchange. Like others have said he's rattled like. On the edge and just needs a gentle nudge. lovely!!
  16. The kunt hasn't quit yet cos this way he's guaranteed a seat at OT for the second coming. Bet he sits in the dugout wearing a ronaldo scarf as well. Fucking prick!!
  17. Has George hinted at what he means by 'fascinating'?
  18. "This does not come at the expense of being ambitious, and it is built on the core principle that we will spend what we have."
  19. Methinks you forget who he'll be playing against. Ronaldo in a wheelchair would probably score a hatrick.
  20. He's taking a leaf out of Fergie's playbook who apparently, during the 'so close' 96 season, was on the golf course as the pressure was "getting" to wor Kev. Trouble is bruce is a shite manager.
  21. Quite a few "all parties were aware..." or similar in that .... Like others have suggested it reads to me like they are having pops at bruce. i.e. He was aware he was spunking entire budget on one player. We got him what he wanted and agreed to so he can't complain or grumble to is PAL luke. Fucking hilarious! Don't understand why people still go through the turnstiles.
  22. Now that's a pledge scheme I could get behind!
  23. Hope he's paying for them out of his own pocket.
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