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  1. This current version of the thread is almost 4 years old ffs, says an awful lot about our 'business' under Ashley
  2. Notice how he thanks everyone but the fans in the official statement, the bitter cunt Loooove how butt hurt he sounds in that Luke interview as well
  3. I'm assuming the King power Leicester sponsorship ends at some point in the not too distant future. Surely they wouldn't then just be allowed to extend it at that point?
  4. Was it Valencia that used to have different movies on their shirts as sponsors?
  5. Us meagre mods hasn't got that kind of power. Only admins are that powerful.
  6. Quite worrying the lack of news regarding this now. Bruce is toxic as fuck, he needs to go.
  7. What's people's favourite Indian in town? And if you're going for something a bit nicer, where would you go?
  8. Nobody


    Didn't Brummie say this would happen with Bruce btw? Long cross field balls for a striker playing left wing and is then incapable of doing owt with it.
  9. Joelinton has to be worst signing any club has ever made
  10. Remember when ASM was played wide right to accommodate Joelinton on the me?
  11. Hope they are both all right mate, and that you hear from them soon
  12. Fuck, hope whoever has suffered a heart attack is okay
  13. Fucking joke of a goalkeeper. No conviction in anything he does.
  14. The fuck is ASM playing on the right for btw?
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