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  1. I think we have done okay, we are stifling their fullbacks which seems to be the plan.
  2. garth


    A graduated neutral density is good filter to have. To keep permanently on front of you lens I would put a 81B filter, a polarising filter is another good one to have. I know you said you don't want nothing expensive but it's worth to pay that little bit extra, there is no sense in putting a crappy piece if glass on an expensive lens, it will only degrade the quality of you shots.
  3. Absolutely, cunt got what he deserved.
  4. Couldn't be more happier that Man U are out. They got what they deserved.
  5. Stupid Nani should learn not put his foot so high. Good game though.
  6. Fuck, that had some guts to walk down to the lobby. The guy in the hallway casually admiring the view outside the window.
  7. Is it for sure this is on ITV? I was just looking at the guide and it shows that they showing the Tottenham, Inter game. Edit my mistake looked at the wrong channel.
  8. Whoopee, ITV4 showing our game, that's a first.
  9. We have nobody to replace him at the moment, certainly not Shola. Trouble is we are playing far to back into our own half that means Cisse has to come back to further up into our half.
  10. Mapou looked a little lost today. Would have to say defence was bad and not putting the ball back into the net.
  11. I would take Tiote of for Anita, we need some one who will be snapping at heels, like they are doing to us.
  12. For me Swansea have been the better team. Tiote needs to calm down as with a lot of our players. Pardew needs to kick them all up the arse.
  13. I'm going for a 1-2 for us, Papiss and Gouffran to score ours.
  14. garth


    Nice pics HighfiveO, brilliant colours.
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