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  1. Andy

    Anthony Gordon

    Amazingly, he looks a better footballer when he has players from his own team in front of him. Lad had no chance in that Everton setup.
  2. Sick of coverage cutting to replays/crowd shots while the ball is in play and missing the action. Seems to happen far more often these days.
  3. The tackle is just one of those things - no malice, mistimed; if it's a split second earlier his foot just catches their player's toe at worst. Not going to berate him for it, or the niggly fouls before that. If you take away the aggressive side of his game, you kill him as a midfielder.
  4. Just seen it posted on twitter tbh, mad that people are so raging about gay men though.
  5. Almost one quarter of the reviews on IMDb for this episode are 1/10. Wonder why that might be
  6. Poor for the majority of his time here, with the exception of a few purple patches that massive inflated fans' perceptions of him, especially the one towards the end of last season. He did a job when we needed him last year and helped keep us up - grateful for that, but this is absolutely the right time to sell.
  7. Andy

    Anthony Gordon

    Wouldn't be surprised if someone has given him a nudge to get himself to the metro tbh. Mingle with the fans, get a few photos; a bit of easy relationship building to get some of the doubters on side.
  8. Andy

    Anthony Gordon

    I don't blame him for what he's done like, home town club or not. His career is going nowhere at Everton and he may have asked for a move in a more professional way, then they've pissed us/him about with their inflated valuation. Any other player forcing a move like this wouldn't be criticised by the buying club. It happens all the time.
  9. Andy

    Anthony Gordon

    From what I've seen of him at Everton, he's always cut an isolated figure in attack, trying to create goals from very little; similar to ASM under Bruce but obviously with a lot less individual guile. Judge him on antics and personality all day long, but I think it may be harsh judging him on performances and stats in such a poor and incoherent attacking team.
  10. Aye, Joel unlocked the machine gun early and still struggled. Nee headshots either, useless.
  11. Andy

    Alexander Isak

    Different class. Must start next week.
  12. It's only a matter of time until we start getting punished for our finishing. We won't keep this defensive record up forever.
  13. Mental. If that's a centre half going up, it's never given as a free kick in a million years. Abysmal refereeing.
  14. That's an absolutely shocking decision like, can't fathom what they've seen.
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