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  1. Slay The Spire's beauty is in how well balanced it is IMO, there aren't many games that have so many viable strategies to win.
  2. Psychonauts 2. Great sequel so far, keeps all the charm of the original and expands on its ideas.
  3. Andy

    Steve Bruce

    He'll be sacked if we're looking doomed by mid-March, when it's too late.
  4. The defending is far more to blame, for me. It's not like we're caught completely off guard by ASM losing it, still had more than enough players back to defend the attack.
  5. Andy


    There's always been an attitude of invincibility amongst younger people in this country, combine that with a probably higher than average percentage of people who are either stupid, selfish or ignorant and it was inevitable that a good chunk of under 30s wouldn't feel the need to get vaccinated.
  6. Barely touched my xbox since I got my PS5 like, Gamepass is great but games feel better on PS5 IMO, the controller is a huge factor in that.
  7. Andy

    The TV Show Thread

    Wasn't interested in this previously, but just learnt that it's created by the original Dexter showrunner who left after season four. Hopefully he can give the show a proper ending.
  8. Dead Space remake coming. I played it for the first time this year, not really convinced it needs a remake tbh.
  9. Andy


    The 99.7% is likely plucked from thin air, but cases divided by deaths won't be accurate either as it doesn't account for the fairly sizeable amount of people who are asymptomatic and never get tested.
  10. Andy


    Hasn't been too bad yet for me, had mine Monday night. Had a migraine with aura on Tuesday, some ear pressure/popping yesterday. Feel pretty much normal today, just lingering sore arm.
  11. The hardware is the biggest concern for me with this device like, even putting Valve's spotty track record for supporting their devices aside. On the build itself, button placement looks crap and congested, and by all accounts the console is large, chunky and a good few factors heavier than the original Switch. I have fairly large hands but already found the original Switch to be too big and awkward to really enjoy using it in handheld, the Lite was a great improvement. The thought of using something bigger for extended periods is exhausting. On the software side, the
  12. Got it online and collected from Team Valley. I had discord notifications set up months ago but had just stopped trying. One came through last Thursday and to my surprise there was stock when I went to order.
  13. I'm not saying it's impossible as I haven't done the research, but I reckon you'll struggle to find a decent 4k, 120hz, HDMI 2.1 TV anywhere near that price range like. I'd imagine for anything good you'd be talking double or treble that. Settle for 4K/60hz IMO. These consoles will rarely take advantage of 120hz anyway, especially at 4K. Or hook it up to a 1440p/144hz gaming monitor to hit this generation's sweet spot.
  14. Sounds canny, button placement looks woeful though
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