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  1. Should've spent it on Carlos and Botman ffs
  2. Andy

    Gaming Hot Takes

    Spelunky 1 and 2 do procedural generation really well and often feel hand crafted, but I'd struggle to think of any other examples.
  3. Welcome to all the "new" posters. As somebody who's been around from merge to split and back it's pretty sad to see one of the old forums die out, even though I forgot it even existed a few years ago tbh.
  4. There's more to defending than stats are often able to show, like. You can't really measure positional sense, tactical understanding, leadership and organisation in stats. Mobility, and the resulting ability to play a higher line, is also crucial in the modern game for a central defender and is something we're completely bereft of.
  5. There was something about Control that just didn't click with me, have tried to pick it up multiple times but have given up pretty early on. Shame as I usually enjoy Remedy games.
  6. Andy

    Gaming Hot Takes

    Hollow Knight is one of the best games in the genre, if not the best, when I got to the end I wished it was twice as long tbh.
  7. Andy

    Gaming Hot Takes

    Most of the things you listed are nice touches but mostly just busy work though. I don't consider "you can interact with NPCs/wildlife" or "immersion" as engaging gameplay personally but understand why people enjoy that kind of thing. Obviously teams like Rockstar are able to add an enormous amount of random encounters and details because of their ridiculously large budgets, and if you enjoy that kind of dressing then I can see why they appeal, but to me that's all it is. Almost all of the games I listed have inherent flaws that are overlooked because they tick the de
  8. Andy

    Gaming Hot Takes

    Creating big open worlds can still be lazy, it takes a lot more effort, time and testing to make intricately designed, nuanced, semi-linear areas such as those in Souls games, or many Metroidvanias, where each enemy and doorway is placed with painstaking thought. A lot of the areas in the majority of open world titles may as well have been procedurally generated (many probably were). There are some open world games, such as Breath of the Wild, that strike a balance but they're the outliers IMO.
  9. Andy

    Gaming Hot Takes

    The standard Open World format is one of the worst and most lazy forms of game design. Notably bad open world games that are enormously popular: Red Dead 2, Elder Scrolls, Far Cry, Assassins Creed, Fallout (except for New Vegas). Almost all AAA games are bad these days, for that matter. The Witcher 3 is overrated too, although admittedly has some good quests so I omitted it from the above shit-list. Wullie and Open C were correct about Persona 5. Think that's all I've got for now.
  10. Burnley are always capable of grinding out points like that, but thankfully they're even more blunt than us and never turn them into wins. Can't see them finishing anywhere other than bottom this season if they don't invest well this week.
  11. I think it'll be Burnley, Norwich and Watford if we buy well this week. I'd love to see Everton go down but I think they'll pull themselves together.
  12. There's absolutely no chance of Howe being sacked, like. We've put our eggs in his basket until the end of the season at least.
  13. Aye, there's certainly a bit of an echo chamber of negativity forming. Some of it is justified but mostly it's OTT. The club could be relegated rock bottom this season and still be more alive than it has been in almost a decade and a half.
  14. Loan move would be good business all round, he instantly improves us just as he did West Ham, and nobody has to commit to anything. Another one where we just need to get it done before other offers come in.
  15. Andy

    Sven Botman

    Can't believe dcmk has misled us like that, 4 week ban IMO
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