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  1. Two first Spurs goals entirely preventable with decent coaching. I struggle to really fault any of the players or set-up for what was exceptional play by Spurs for their third though.
  2. The speculation is that it is a rolling 3 year contract, and if the £8m is true it is assumed that the rolling contract is "renewed" every day where if sacked he is due to be compensated for a full 3 year period left on the contract. It sounds so bonkers that I can't believe that is true, but you never know with Ashley and Charnley Regardless of whether that is the case or not, they should just sack him now based on the contract expiring after this season, and let a civil court decide who has the right interpretation of the contract.
  3. Ey, he's stopped drinking beer after matches now. Will be like a completely new player.
  4. Hope I'm not critisizing anyone on here as I can appreciate it probably feels overwhelming being on TV, but the Newcastle fan in the Norwegian studio should probably have declined the invitation if he knew he was unable to communicate properly. Studio challenged him when he said Bruce needed to go that the goals today weren't necessarily Bruce's fault but individual player errors and he didn't counter that opinion at all.
  5. Person is said to be not only stabilised, but conscious as well which is promising.
  6. Assuming he ever bought more than absolutely necessary in the first place
  7. Well done Eric Dier commanding physio/club doctor to race over there with heart starter.
  8. Can easily see us scoring again on a counter attack. Problem is I can just as easily see Spurs scoring more too. Would like to see Schar & Fraser on for Ritchie and Joelinton and go for a 3-5-2-ish formation.
  9. Just hope the players don't get discouraged and takes the game on by themselves. Just ignore Bruce and prove you have something to bring to this team in the future.
  10. We were never keeping a clean sheet. Keep the heads up lads get another!
  11. Realize we're only 8 minutes in here, but Longstaff man. Different player if he keeps this up.
  12. what the fuck has happened to Longstaff? Loving his intensity.
  13. I don't think there's any more thought behind the tea towels/dress up than say the whoopers that dressed as pantomimes with berets & baguettes during the "French revolution". Just wish someone was informed enough to take these people aside and explain in simple terms why it comes off very wrong in this instance. Not going to ruin the match experience for me anyway.
  14. Think I've mentioned it before as well, but I really don't understand what Iwobi does to warrant a place in this Everton team.
  15. So frustrating, but so inevitable. You just know even if they are the only ones in the entire stadium dressed like that the cameras will find and highlight them.
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