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  1. I didn't include the unhinged posts, of which there were also many.
  2. I wouldn't be ecstatic if we signed Joelinton now if he played for Everton & hadn't had a Norwich performance yet either. So it can only go one way from here, and that is up
  3. Well, one of the strikers are at Man Utd now after having scored 2 goals in the WC quarter final. The other just got binned to Nottingham Forest. Easy to say in hindsight, but completely valid concern at the time imo. My expectations of this transfer is pretty poor, so at least one positive is that I can only be surprised positively if he ends up doing well for us. I prefer the selling team fans to be gutted when they lose a player. Vast majority are over the moon. And that's just three recent random pages from their forum out of many.
  4. Unless he goes on strike until we either sell him for less or run down his contract with nothing back.
  5. Would be interesting to see them start, but they've obviously benefited coming on against tired legs as well so not sure Howe will start them as long as things are going as well as they are.
  6. Usually the purchasing price defines the wage level, so was quite surprised to see this. Was expecting him to be on at least double the wages. Sort it out Ashworth, and add a few years to the contract at the same time! Edit: nvm. Didn't read the last page before responding but @Rich cleared it up above. That sounds much more reasonable.
  7. 40 is the new 30....?`Was meaining the likes of Godfrey, Iwobi, Keane, Gbamin etc. Probably forgot about half of them
  8. Ironically he strikes me as a typical Everton signing back when they signed any player for £40m. Skipping training 2 days in a row to force a move and acts like a prick towards Everton fans when club is facing relegation doesn't exactly fill me with hope that he comes here either.
  9. Conjo

    Sean Longstaff

    Find it weird with his shooting/finishing the last few games. He was so cool in front of goal before, and had a cracking long shot in him, scoring some absolute screamers when he was out on loan. Don't mind him getting more chances this season. If it starts to click again in the final third, with a bit more composure on the ball, he'll be a great player to have in the squad not only this season but for years to come.
  10. Conjo

    U.S. Politics

    More terrified of Pence and De Santis as president than Trump. The former are both more competent and more extreme in their beliefs. Would much rather have Trump tweet dumb shit for 4 years while nothing happens than either of those two extremist being in office and actually parts of their agenda done.
  11. Might as well, with the current contract expiring some time in 2045.
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