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  1. Conjo

    Gaming Hot Takes

    Disco Elysium should have been released straight to paper back and skipped the digital version.
  2. Conjo

    Gaming Hot Takes

    Take RDR2 as an example since it was listed initially. You can interact with every NPC on the map, they react to you according to your previous actions, almost every house can be entered and many of them have items and information about the people that live or lived there which builds the world around you. You may bump into marked or hidden side quests as well. You have a massively varied wild life that you can interact with too, or you may happen to come across herbs or other plant life that you could use to make tonics or weapons/ammo so going from A to B can take ages if you want to immerse
  3. Conjo

    Gaming Hot Takes

    The resentment for open world games on here is so weird, it's literally the best thing in gaming since...well..gaming. Many open world games also go on to be cherished by so many people years and years after release due to modding communities that keeps the games alive and make them into something completely different or better than the original. That's almost impossible with linear games who die off and is only cherished in memory rather than replayability. I don't really know what you mean by saying it's a lazy form of game design, as they involve creating an entire world around the game rat
  4. Conjo

    Chris Wood

    That's a pretty optimistic worst case He's nowhere near the player Santa Cruz was.
  5. Conjo

    Jonjo Shelvey

    The keeper gifted us the goal though. Imagine if that FK was against us, and the comments on here if it was Darlow that let that one in
  6. I said when his dribbles are/were successful it looks like nothing else I've ever watched in football. I tried to make that distinction because obviously there will be better players than him in the future, but I doubt I'll ever see someone that looks so good doing what he is doing.
  7. I hope you're right, and you probably are in terms of skills/performances vs output/results. However, I can't think of a single player I've ever watched that is more aesthetically pleasing to watch when his dribbles come off as HBA. I doubt I'll ever witness something like that again.
  8. I think Manquillo on for Dummett made a bigger difference in the second half tbh. I'd be fine with Longstaff playing 45 minutes, but he's not able to play a full 90 minutes. Joelinton beasts it from start to finish.
  9. Besides Messi I can't really think of a player in the last 20 years whos had as refined technique as Ben Arfa. Cronaldo (back when he dribbled)/ASM dribbling looks so frantic and reliant on being explosive. Ben Arfa seems to be gliding smoothly, in lack of a better description Fucking love watching him play.
  10. Bit rich of a social worker to claim he wouldn't be in a job if he put in the same effort as our players did today
  11. Conjo

    Ryan Fraser

    Agreed. I got a bit sentimental tbh when his shot that got blocked when ASM played him through on the break at the end of the match when you could see how much pain he was in but instead of laying down like 90% of footballers would do he battled through the pain and ran the full stretch of the pitch back to help defend.
  12. Maybe the main problem is his fitness. I've seen him start games good, but quickly dissapear. Today he had the energy left in the final minutes to make a difference.
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