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  1. Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink
  2. Great passion and desire when we needed it lads, well done you bunch of overpaid useless c***s
  3. Given Nobby Bramble Taylor Ramage Milner Butt Dyer Luque Sibs Martins
  4. Slashvex

    no subs again

    We need a goal, we have another forward on the bench, hardly rocket science is it
  5. We have a better player in Luque thou?!
  6. It shouldn't have mattered that milner got his shot off it was still a foul and a penalty should have been given none-the-less.
  7. I'm really sick of the way people still slag him off, he scored ffs. He's playing up front on his own, a position which isn't natural for him and he hardly had any support all game, i mean what the hell do you want him to do. What is the point in him closing down like a headless chicken tiring himself out for no reason. I thought he had a very good game considering.
  8. Harper Carr Moore Bramble Babayaro Butt Parker Solano Duff whoever the shortest player at the club is Sibierski
  9. He played in the reserves once and scored 2 30 yarders, we all know Luque was a good player for Depor, he isn't gonna become that player again unless we play him
  10. Great another left winger
  11. I can image his debut, Announcer: And number 41 Antione Sibierski Crowd: WHO?
  12. This threads post-count is gaining faster than the woodgate one
  13. Slashvex

    Mark Viduka

    There is corruption invlolved in the West Ham deal, I can't believe Tevez AND Mascherano would sign for them over Chelsea, Man U, Real etc.
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