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  1. The thing is an interim coach that isn’t Bruce doesn’t destabilise us or risk it. This is as bad as it gets.
  2. Excellent eh? Low bar to clear admittedly
  3. Your pals and you say end of. That’s that over, phew. Look, I know it’s the done thing to paint anyone who finds some things objectionable as humourless or a kill joy but I just happen to think the gag isn’t worth the buildup and that sometimes choosing to ignore what people think regardless of their viewpoint is seen as a virtue and I’ve listened to the other side of it. We’re talking about bad people who for whatever reason own our club. No need to ape them, accidentally mock them or fly their flags.
  4. It’s about calling out bullshit. I’m not higher or mightIer than anyone. It’s wrong to make light of what Saudi represent. I joke about many dark things in private but it’s about picking audiences. I probably have more problem with the flags (thankfully few) than tea towels but even then it’s daft to even have to say that because even if it’s trying to be welcoming - they aren’t tea towels. It’s clearly a bit more widely held than the confines of this forum and if you think it’s a bit of a laugh then that’s your opinion - it’s just a widely held opinion that it is more than that regardless of
  5. Embarrassment doesn’t even really done into it. Most overused word around. It’s just a bit needless and stupid and it’s fine to call it out.
  6. With respect mate I think you need to. Piss ya pants? Folk are just trying to have grown up conversations about a serious issue. I think you’re right it will die down but if you buy into the remotest belief in sportswashing it plays into that entirely.
  7. Absolute microcosm of his entire waste of time here this like. Happy 1000th you melt.
  8. Thing is it’s not even funny or defiant - just plays exactly into hands of critics. Even if you don’t care it still makes no sense.
  9. Hope he watches his signs get gaffa taped over
  10. Yep. It is bitter but tbh we’ve had enough settling for 3rd/11th best and being told to be glad of it. No bad intent there mate just trying to punctuate my venom with the odd joke. The rebuild starts here and by purging the rot.
  11. This thread meaning something again
  12. He wants hounding out like but tbh he should be treated as an irrelevance. Came here, tacit knowledge of his remit and bosses and has sat on a payday for two years. Off you fuck you chump. (Not you Ben) Wank into your 1000 game sock. (Can if you have one Ben) Too many greedy fucks and bullshitting timewasters across the land just like him.
  13. just don’t get the hype 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s like a dozen other things I’ve seen. Some done better.
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