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  1. Quite. It’s catch 22 - part of the reason you have people think the way they do is a media that promotes the idea that certain paths of enquiry and knowledge like media and sociology are wastes of time and money - becoming gatekeepers to the critical capacity needed to decipher it all in the first place. The top elitist schools allow you to study philosophy and ethics until the cows come home because well that’s your right dear boy - but reform education beyond training the plebs to be smart enough to work/repair machines and you’ll be accused of Mickey Mouse, wasteful thinking or spending. It’s baked in for sure but how do you go about helping people without condescending in the first place? Live and let live is all well and good when poisonous media intake is ubiquitous and it translates into voting patterns.
  2. If people are going to vote against their own interests constantly because someone told them to - they should feel stupid. People should be able to hear they’ve done a stupid thing and be able to adapt. Many can’t clearly. I feel like I’ve made many dumb choices in life I should feel contrite about. Humility is a quality that needs more celebration. In the vastness of time my 36 years or someone’s 80 years are a finger click in terms of knowing and learning stuff. I just wish we valued humility more. We’d probably get better politicians and less tolerance to extremity.
  3. Labour should be working towards at least a fraction of that if not already. Trouble is our system has us subsidising Deutche Bahn so we're paying in part for that and will never get there here.
  4. Best thing you could be now is pro transport reform and pro single market. Make it cheaper, feasible for people to travel and you revolutionise this country.
  5. Darth Crooks

    The NO Traitors 2

    I’ll have a piece of this this time round - I’m entering as Judith Escariot
  6. Darth Crooks

    Job stuff

    ‘Why was that asshole hired in the first place?’
  7. What does that mean? The stats don’t back it up.
  8. I always found the criticism of him being somehow lazy very odd.
  9. Elated. Turns out my partner is 5 weeks pregnant - don’t quite know what to do with the information, who to tell or how excited to get or practically what to do. We have a child from her marriage so being a dad is not boxfresh but babies and pregnancy are. Surreal.
  10. We have to somewhat dispel this narrative that MP's work for us/they work for you. Yes that it one ideal but it also conveys the idea every politician goes into politics for that reason. We should be acutely aware and be able to spot who is there and who isn't - of course a lot of this is a matter of image, but the precept is that they are servants and they by deed and rhetoric are not.
  11. There’s a psychology at play with a lot of lot of conservatives that they either tacitly refuse to believe or are incapable of believing that matters are beyond their control and that dumb luck plays a massive part in success in this world. Yes you’re never going to be rewarded for sitting on your arse but these people get confronted with examples time and time again and simply can’t be told their myopic world view or ‘success’ has anything to do with wider factors. It’s a massive overinflation of your own significance and knowledge of the universe.
  12. Reading his Wikipedia it reads like he defected to the Tories after he was suspended for sticking boulders to stop travellers. How principled. £80,000 to be a nodding dog for wankers isn't bad (it's soul destroyingly terrible) is it?
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