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  1. My first game back at SJP in five years was Cambridge. The displays (loved the Monaco flag) were a massive part of reconnecting. Live in Cambridge mind so home journey sucked big time.
  2. Darth Crooks

    Comic book stuff

    Sumo wrestler was in it.
  3. Daughter a paedophile enabler?
  4. Botman Begins: the St. James' Park Knight Rises
  5. Light the bot signal
  6. Xi xinping 3rd bottom has killed us. 😅
  7. What the juddering motherfuck are these?!
  8. Diaz mask was my sexual awakening like.
  9. Don’t look up was great. Nice to have some brave satire with a decent enough story by itself and good cast and writing.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry xmas you filthy animals
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