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  1. Wasn't sure who to triple captain so I haven't used it. Will save it for GW37.
  2. http://i.imgur.com/QH8w5OB.jpg
  3. http://i.imgur.com/JtiL6zE.jpg?1
  4. http://i.imgur.com/r8wCYsB.png?1
  5. We did wrestling themed fancy dress for my brother's stag do. We had people dressed up as Macho Man, Mankind, HBK, Austin, a referee, Roddy Piper, Scotty2Hotty and Big Daddy.
  6. I cancelled my season ticket last week. Sad times but it's a waste of money.
  7. LocalHero

    The Metro

    I was on the Metro from 6:40 until about 9 this morning. Got off at Haymarket and got the bus to Quorum Business Park. Had to pay for my bus ticket too. The driver had no idea the Metros had been off. I was also on the Metro coming home when the dog was on the tracks! Not a good day.
  8. Adrian Neville v Bo Dallas at Glasgow tonight.
  9. Don't actually think The Wyatts have been released yet, so figures on ebay may have been custom builds. Apart from ebay, the best place for figures is probably Smyths. The shop in Durham usually has a better choice than Team Valley. There's also a shop called Wrestle Euro Store, http://www.wrestleeurostore.com/, which is also based in Durham. It's cheaper instore than online.
  10. Love doing this. 8th time today, got a PB (01:55:28), and so far raised £205 for St Clare's Hospice.
  11. It's a strong first eleven. One of the better teams I've seen. My big decision is whether to go for RVP or not. Obviously if you put him in for Soldado or Benteke, then your midfield won't be able to be anywhere near as strong.
  12. Took about half an hour but managed to get my tickets. Many broken images!
  13. I don't enjoy going to the match any more. Why should I renew?
  14. Andy Cole vs Liverpool was pretty similar Bale vs Inter Milan was.
  15. Wildcard appears to have worked. 63 points, with Jaaskelainen, Sagna, Cazorla, Fellaini and Walcott to play.
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