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  1. Come to think of it, Plymouth have let me down a number of times this season in games they were expected to win and Newport have shat on me when they should have lost
  2. Plymouth, Gillingham and Portsmouth treble for £70
  3. BATE Olympiakos Sassuolo Port Vale
  4. nazza06


    http://www.insurance2go.co.uk/ Looks decent, cheers SSR.
  5. nazza06


    Just got myself a 5c and wondering what to do insurance wise. I just paid the rather expensive £16 a month from orange with my 4 and it did very much pay for itself as I had 6 iphones off them in total. One was a theft and 5 due to the phone itself fucking up and them sending me shitty refurbs that wouldn't work properly. Any recommendations for where to go?
  6. http://i42.tinypic.com/6s42ds.jpg Frustrating weekend. So close to some big money Maybe next time
  7. Was looking into going to this as I'm in Scotland for Christmas but no transport options After our recent run we should be winning this pretty comfortably. I'm pretty confident after the way we passed the ball around yesterday and i would hope Pardew will look for a similar style in this match. I can see us dominating but only winning 1-0.
  8. I don't think Southampton have won in their last 5 games. Could go either way that one.
  9. I'm starting to get pretty wound up by the media and talk in shows saying we shouldn't bother with going for a Europa League spot because it will ruin our following season in the league. What?! So teams should aim for 7th or 8th and not bother to put up a further challenge into the top 5/6?? Where's the fun/logic/ambition in that? Away trips around Europe are what makes it all worth it as a football fan for me. Those trips leave long lasting memories for both the club and the supporters' lives forever. They are brilliant. The way I see it is that if you make the Europa League through your league finish, you're better than the majority of the league. Don't cry about this and wish you had finished 3 places below and moan about how small your squad is, go for it and push on for the next year to do even better. Invest in the squad, ensure you have a solid back up, let yourself test your youngsters and give them a chance. Surely the idea in football is that you are always trying to push onto the next level? You might not always be able to push on quickly but if you solidify yourself in a decent position, you always have that scope to do better with the right decisions in the following seasons. Get Europa League, use it properly, enjoy it and look to use the experience to improve for the future. If you can't handle the Europa League, how will you ever handle Champions League games?
  10. Wasn't overly convinced by Sissoko until recently. He was probably my man of the match today, bossed it!
  11. http://i43.tinypic.com/rm1xrs.jpg For £900. Gutted. http://i41.tinypic.com/1zwjciw.jpg This for tomorrow for £400.
  12. So long as he keeps up the performances I'm not fussed. We were lucky to even get him here and for such a good price when he was already playing in the champions league. He is good enough to play in the competition for a top club so I'm just going to enjoy his performances for now. He seems to enjoy playing for the toon and gives his all and I can't argue with his ambition to play at the highest level.
  13. I wonder if referees review and reflect on their performances or just go home after the game adamant that they made all the correct decisions. Phil Dowd is so smug that he must certainly be in the latter category.
  14. Gouffran's work rate and closing down has been superb. It's good to see someone react so quickly when the opposition have the ball and fight to get it back from them. Love the guy and he deserves his recent goals.
  15. That was some awful refereeing there.
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