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  1. I didn't think CM was the problem today, like. They were stretching us down flanks very well.
  2. I'm pretty certain we played 4-4-2 in the first half, like. We then switched to 343 when Murphy and Almiron came on. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but feels like we should've been from the off at a team rocked last week. Thought the subs were too delayed as well when it was obvious things hadn't changed 10 mins past half time. Didn't expect anything from this one really so hasn't changed my mind much.
  3. Think we need to get to 3 up top somehow in the second half. Getting dominated physically by their CBs.
  4. Feeling optimistic as for this Reality is we'll probably have a go, actually score and play some good football, but be undone on the break a few times.
  5. Just takes small margins. Norwich went 10 games and have now won 2 on the bounce... Form can quickly change. I'd say I'm a 5/6 at the moment.
  6. That was class in so many ways. We looked much better going forward but some brainless moments. Thought they were poor in the second half and we deserved it from there, but that's not the way it works obvs. Atmosphere was brilliant as well. Was bursting with pride on a few occasions. The change in performances was more stark than I was expecting.
  7. The power sax at the end of Angel in Lothian is perfection. His very early vids are interesting in terms of his vocal progression. Started out with a different vibe (probs not sustainable for his voice) https://youtu.be/415dTQSKgq8
  8. I was gutted about this and still am, but I'm confident that the actual preparation has been done to go and win the game tomorrow. Really looking forward to seeing how we play.
  9. Been excited for this for about a week, ffs. Can't wait for the pre-match buzz.
  10. Feels like the next Josh King... I think if he's going to be successful in a certain position for us then it's going to be out wide. It's where he has the best physical advantage.
  11. To be fair, we massively need one. Dubs is great but has a patchy fitness record. Everybody else is tragic.
  12. The type of football he plays, you'd think Brentford would be just about as perfect a first game as possible. Not a great side, on a bit of a downward turn of form etc. Get the players up-for-it and out the traps early with the crowd bouncing. I'm most excited to see how transformative even just a couple of weeks might be for our attacking play.
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