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  1. when still at Liverpool.... i always thought this kid got the talent of Andrea Pirlo.
  2. You're not quite there then. Then explain why Parky does "get it"?
  3. Man perceptions based on knowledges he reach.
  4. Why creativities is "Endless"? Allah The Endless.
  5. Contents wise like a messenger. Physically wise like seeing through a hole.
  6. In term of contents or physically?
  7. I agree with Plato that man doesn't create, they just discover & imitate.
  8. Demonstrate a 'God'. We all lived in The God Reign. Understand "The Oneness".
  9. Consciousness can go 2 ways (closer to Allah or apart from Allah). Depend on where you direct your nous (mindset) or where to aim. Your mindset build your perceptions (whats within you). Allah The Giver.
  10. You quite understand Parky... "The God soul breathed into man".
  11. Question yourself, which one is first? The Reality or the Universe? If reality comes last then there's no beginning. Because beginning is existence. Allah The Truth, The Reality, The Beginningless, The Endless, The Sustainer of All Existence.
  12. Life Journey is paradox & ambigous. It may give you confusions but on other hand it does explain & gain you lots (gave knowledges). That's the basic wisdom of teaching of "Way of Life". When you understand greatly those are "people of the Believers".
  13. "If you lived greedy then you'll go to Hell". Its true isn't? If someone greedy living in your world then there will be plenty poor people in society suffering.
  14. Muslim "Hell" definition kinda similar with Buddhist concept of "Naraka". Hell is the World of Suffering, great pain, sadness, World of Endless Insanities & Confusions.
  15. If you understand these "Opposite Forces" then you will understand & find Allah Wisdom & Justice in the world HE is creating which is you.
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