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  1. It feels like it's just me but I am not that bothered by the font of NEWCASTLE UNITED. It doesn't make me think of Sports Direct when I look at it. So long as all the blue and white shite goes, I'm very happy although as part of the new owners putting their own stamp on everything, I'd be delighted if they did get new signs everywhere
  2. My Liverpool supporting mate continually refers to him as "Lord G". Urgh.
  3. We've all experienced relegations when there's been a severe lack of interest and application from the squad and generally a vile atmosphere around the club. Polar opposite at the moment and everything is in place to kick on to survival.
  4. Just shows how easily things can change.
  5. Robster


    I think, Oasis' "She's Electric"
  6. I'm not expecting much from Man Utd personally. Catching them just at the wrong time. New manager bounce and all that.
  7. Hmmm. I wonder which...
  8. Gateshead should score. Sitter.
  9. I'm going to remain confident of survival but it does feel like EVERYTHING is going against us.
  10. What a goal. Slight shades of Glenn Hoddle at Watford (although Hoddle's was much better)
  11. Dread to think what Everton forums are like currently.
  12. Not convinced by a non British manager. Colour me surprised.
  13. Could be another cricket score against Southampton if they aren't careful.
  14. Maybe not today but funny things can happen in the second half of the season. If we can get in amongst, or close to the bottom group, by Feb, our presence will have other teams looking over their shoulders and it can easily affect their nerves and performances. Got to keep believing.
  15. Impact of Howe not being present at training all week maybe? I know he's been heavily involved but nothing beats the manager being there taking control.
  16. Losing away to Arsenal won't decide our fate. We have a hell of a challenge ahead of us, no one can deny that, but it can be done. It just needs everyone connected to the club, that's players, coaches and fans, to believe that we can do it.
  17. Feeling as positive as ever @SUPERTOON
  18. I definitely remember that. Wonderful goal. Great final that one. Back when the FA Cup Final was a huge deal.
  19. Robster

    Doctor Who

    Thought that was really excellent tonight.
  20. Mike Ashley has gone. Misery is long gone as far as I am concerned. In a perverse way, I can sort of enjoy the worry of relegation because it means I'm in love with my club again.
  21. It's fucking stressful caring again
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