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  1. Never cried but got teary at the end of Captain Phillips.
  2. Definitely not. When im in my mates stoned and 3 floors up the last thing i would think of is having to run then climb 3 flights of stairs again!
  3. Should have walked it without them!
  4. He won't have a choice man . Just like Carroll didn't have a choice, Santon didn't have a choice, Nolan didn't have a choice, Steve Harper didn't have a choice, Barton didn't have a choice, John Carver won't have any choice. This regime is about the wishes of one bloke and a couple of cronies. Llambias has been told he's got his pick of our kids/ressy's and their 'head coach' will be told to use them. Edit - and cross them at your peril.............players committee all got fucked, Cisse will be on the exit list too because he got the hump during Wongagate. They never forget that shit. Sorry should have cleared that up, i ment at Rangers haha
  5. Ferguson, Bigi and either Good or Mbabu should walk into the team but sadly none of them will as the manager wont drop any of the 3 they should be replacing. Complete waste of time for them!
  6. Some idiot on Twitter making jokes about it on Twitter then deleted his account. Someone found him on Facebook and he is from Sunderland. Scumbag of a boy. Two tragedies in two years at Christmas time in Glasgow.
  7. Exactly what a mate of mines keeps saying about the whole thing but yet wont listen to what i'm telling him. Digging up posts from Newcastle forums ive never seen and saying Newcastle fans expect to much and he's happy that someone who has a good record at Newcastle for balancing the books and not having us in debt.
  8. Had £10 in play on Besiktas at 9/2 and £10 on Inter over 1.5 goals at 9/4. Put both on about 70 mins in. Nice little profit.
  9. div-s-

    Job stuff

    Got my job on a full time basis, 6 month probation first tho. Feels good knowing i've got some job security now.
  10. No anymore, you going back there after the game?
  11. Was standing under the hope flag with a blue poloshirt with a red and white colour.
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