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  1. It's not over until its over and I hope everyone at the club sees it that way. We just need that first win to kick-start our season, all the effort in the world won't save us, we need confidence.
  2. Given how the fiest 10 minutes transpired, what an absolute warrior effort by those 10 men, Lewis has to keep that LB position, Joelinton was everywhere, in everyone's faces and came away with the ball more than he aught to, Fede proving the supporters right, no way Clark should see the first team again after that. The back 4 that finished the game earned their place. If we're going down then it's not with a whimper and so long as we give it this effort to the end of the season we can't ask for much more. Relegation won't be the end of the world, many of us would have taken it to g
  3. Mattoon


    Absolutely outstanding tonight, deserves all the praise he gets and his motm. Cannot underestimate his part in preventing a loss.
  4. Imagine getting yourself sent off in a must win game less than 10 minutes in. We are truly cursed
  5. Feel like this is the turning point, I think with the players out due to bans the players left out in the cold by blobby McChippyTits will step back in and make a difference at the back and we'll have too much going forward for Norwich.
  6. This team under Bruce goes down every time, what Howe has done with the team in 10 days cannot be overstated, some of the players he only had for 3 days before the game. Another week of training, Almiron and Dubravka back in the team, we can only continue to improve. Let's not forget Howe has recovered from much worse than this as a manager, albeit in a lower league. I'm worried, don't get me wrong, but anything more than a 5 or 6 is emotional at this point. See where we are by February and then bring out the 10s and 1s.
  7. A million miles ahead of Bruce Ball and but for an horrific goalkeeping display we would have and should have won that. Promising but we need to pick up points quickly if we're going to survive this season.
  8. What a goal!! Get in ASM you beautiful man.
  9. I've not enjoyed watching an NUFC side like that for a looong time. I was excited to see Joelinton today and he's not let us down. This has to be Darlows last match so long as Dubs is fit though, he'll cost us points.
  10. Absolute travesty that Darlow is stealing a starting spot from Dubravka
  11. He's been woeful but I think he needs his hand held, he literally has zero autonomy. Beggars and choosers and all that, he has a role to play this season.
  12. Shelvey has no brain so when hes not being coached he's shocking, it's no surprise that his worst period for us has come under the worst manager. I fancy Howe to get the best out of him, I just hope that at this point in his career his best is going to be good enough. As for Joelinton, I'm actually looking forward to seeing him under a good manager, I really think there's there's player under there, he's shown some bright sparks. With the right focus he could be a game changer.
  13. Best option is to ignore the wilfully ignorant wind up merchants in the media and your life will be much more stress free.
  14. I think the next transfer window is clearly going to be a firefighting one, taking a small step up with perhaps 1 marquee signing. But given our precarious position and the distinct possibility we go down I don't think we'll go spend thrifty just yet.
  15. Should definitely be used for bonfire material with an effigy of Ashley on top flanked by his merry men of scrap heap managers we've had to endure over the years. Therapeutic.
  16. Howe's the bacon de ye say?
  17. I've warmed up to Howe now after watching some interviews with him, he seems to know his stuff and is definitely more forward thinking than most English managers. Tactically astute and he seems to be as obsessed with every aspect of the game, much like Rafa is but maybe not to the same extent. As for the Delany piece, our owners are new to the sport so they're having to learn on the run. This is why you build a team of upper management to trust to make the correct choices, they don't have to know everything they just have to make the right appointments and seem to be getting the ri
  18. Hope *continues* to get one over on Edwards.
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