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    He is a good player, he just isn't a striker. If we had bought him for 15m and not playing him as a striker, we wouldn't have a problem with him. The problem is that he is being played as a striker. Haven't seen canny shot from him or a killer instinct.
  2. Everton vs Villa sure is boring
  3. Agree, like him more than Gerlish. Was the best player on the pitch against us imo, and has been the reason Villa are still hanging on.
  4. sturla

    NUFC Accounts

    Swiss ramble with his analysis of our accounts: Summary: Even though income fell by 2m and expences rose by 2.5m Newcastle still returned a very healthy ebitda (56m) and profit (41m). Player amortisation relatively low for a mid-table club and our wage bill is 14th highest in the PL (was 5th highest before Ashley bought the club). This reflects Ashleys strategy and ambition. Also, Ashley is still skimming us with stadium advertising.
  5. The Man City ownership is the same way. 78% Abu Dhabi group 12% China Media Capital 10% Silver Lake (American investment group)
  6. I'm definitively not welcome in any cliques after starting this argument.
  7. Great, now the human rights activists can quit facebook, not watch Disney movies and never drink starbucks (along with not using Uber).
  8. Does it matter if you are a new member or not? Haven't noticed any attitude towards new members, albeit that might change if the forum will get flooded with new members if the club becomes successful. But that is to be expected, change will always rattle people (me included).
  9. Aren't Man City owned my a sovereign wealth fund in part. I'm sure I read somewhere that their resources were similar to PIF (300bn odd) are just just showing Mansours wealth for dramatic effect there? Man City is 78% owned by Abu Dhabi United Group for Development and Investment (ADUG). It looks like it is a investment fund specifically for Man City and is owned by Sheik Mansour, not by Abu Dhabi. It was news to me that the ownership of Man city is similarly constructed as PCP is planning for Newcastle. 78% by Abu Dhabi group, 12% China Media Capital group and 10% Silver Lake (Americ
  10. Is anything being directed at Newcastle, isn't it just Amnesty protesting (which it has done before) and Bein sports
  11. Just started the first episode and the Donald "Edit" Charlie Methven is so much like David Brent. It is hilarious watching him talk about him self being a good leader and how the team will look up to him.
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