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  1. toon25

    Parenting stuff

    Just became a father tonight - very unexpected as the boy was on course for a full term delivery. Mrs had emergency C section under sedation and the boy is going to be kept in a baby ICU for a few days. Mixed emotions at this stage and wondering what it is I should be feeling. Very worried for Mrs toon25, and not yet getting that sense of elation that other told me I should experience given the nature of the birth. It was so quick, in fact, that I arrived to the hospital (after the Mrs called me to tell me he'll arrive tonight) with the baby in the arms of a dr and my wife still se
  2. We're desperate for fullbacks, like. Priority has to be CM for me, though.
  3. They’re certainly not as robust defensively as they have been, but have a feeling the game will be won or lost in midfield. A draw would be a good result here.
  4. So far, this season has lived up to expectations. It's been fucking brilliant. Top quality football all round and, have to say, been great to see the likes of Dzeko and Zlatan do well. It's got everything, Serie A. Emerging talent, nostalgia, decent attacking sides, excitement, and at least a four horse race for the title. Loved every minute of it. Atlanta or Napoli winning it would be the icing on the cake.
  5. As quick as I'd like progress to be, and as desperate for points as we are, I'm always reminded of the parcel of festering shit this guy was handed by his feckless predecessor on days like today.
  6. Is that Derek 'Dr Death' Wright mid-left?
  7. Credit to him. Proved me 100% wrong.
  8. toon25


    Playing out of his skin atm. Kudos to him.
  9. toon25

    Jamal Lewis

    Good on him. Hope it continues
  10. Wish we had a bit more conviction, like. Never feels as though we're going to win.
  11. Fernandez should've been in, man. No excuse to put Lascelles straight back in. He's been dogshit this year and a shit captain to boot.
  12. Hope Jo has another Julio Baptista-like performance in the middle today
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