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  1. He's a ghastly fucking little sycophant.
  2. Imagine Liz fucking Truss sitting around a table with Putin
  3. toon25

    Steve Bruce

    It'll be this 'CV' of promotion - which doesn't take into account the extent to which that league has changed - that'll keep the fat cunt in a job in the Champo. When was the last time he got promoted? 2015?
  4. Champo shaping up to be competitive so far.
  5. Yeah, kudos to him there, that was absolutely fucking brilliant. Agree on Liam too btw - thought his voice sounded reminiscent of the old Oasis days. Superb.
  6. She's a fucking embarrassment.
  7. Will never understand why someone didn't fucking glass that cunt Gove in Aberdeen
  8. toon25

    Steve Bruce

    The big difference, Luke, is that under Pardew and (to an extent) McLaren, we were never cut adrift at the bottom. This time feels different.
  9. Huge thanks to those on here that recommended 'The Miracle of Castel di Sangro'. An absolutely superb read.
  10. The fat cunt always seems to get a result that staves off criticism and vitriol. A 'battling' 1-2 loss with a dodgy decision will give the crowd a nice evening oot.
  11. toon25

    Steve Bruce

    Ashley and his fat thumb head cunt mate won't get rid of him. The only means of him fucking off is putting enough pressure - or directing enough abuse at the thin-skinned wanker to push him into resigning.
  12. Camavinga is going to be some player.
  13. Ah, fuck sake. Poor fucking kid. Such talent at 18 years old
  14. toon25

    Lee Charnley

    Often wonder what a typical day must look like for this lickspittle cunt.
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