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  1. This was by far one of the shittest set of fixtures and games in the tournament. Utter bollocks.
  2. toon25

    Copa America

    Sounds like the BBC have got some fucking intern doing the comms Edit: but I think he's brilliant. Sounds like a proper football nerd.
  3. They've nowhere near the composure and quality of other decent sides in this tournament at the back to win, regardless of the forward players
  4. A nice guy, and no doubt terribly agreeable, but Gareth Southgate has no place as a football manager. Shit. Wasting the best if a generation of attacking talent
  5. He'll have one eye on property auctions in the area
  6. Croatia look well past their sell-by date, like
  7. Just can't see where Croatia's goals will come from
  8. That cunt must have a fucking good agent, like. Fucking melt.
  9. Lukaku has to be my favourite player in the world at the mo. Superb striker and seems every inch a decent human being.
  10. This is a proper Brewcie performance from Austria
  11. Wasn't there a hooha about signing that kid from Chelsea that we've now just released
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