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  1. What did Beren say to you?
  2. What an utterly grim set of fixtures in the FA Cup tonight
  3. Posting in the wrong PM thread Jaqen?
  4. Retract Prophet Vote @relámpago blanco
  5. Absolute mindfuck, today, like Based on a gut feeling Prophet
  6. @relámpago blancoI've had my suspicions for a wee while now. Given you're featuring on hit lists I think the same can be asked if you. What have you done to support the Faithfuls?
  7. Just out of interest @LiquidAK, did you ever switch votes?
  8. Could they have feasibly recruited Beren as a detective? Or would that role have become defunct if he'd switched?
  9. Abacus with the random vote for Mike out of nowhere
  10. Revealing post this. Decky
  11. You're not offering us anything to think that the play by Beren/STM is a false one. Is this because you'd expose your fellow traitors?
  12. I'm sorry, like, but STM was put between a rock and a hard place there.
  13. You did a good job yesterday of crawling out of the hole that had been dug. Time to go again... Why did you tell STM that he was 'in'? What other evidence can you supply us to think Decky is a Traitor?
  14. Talk of Mancini having a shadow contract where he ended up being paid (more) for 4 days work for a club in Abu Dhabi than by City.
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