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  1. As someone as mentioned, we're a spineless team at the moment. Central midfield options are a fucking joke.
  2. Give him whatever he wants.
  3. Think this is a pivotal game. Irrespective of a new manager bounce, we'll get fuck all against Chelsea. Draw or loss.
  4. The cunt has no business commentating at all.
  5. He'll be chuffed the fat cunt has gone. Welcome back Miggy.
  6. Shame his fucking useless lackies don't follow him out. All in good time, I suppose.
  7. Explains why the bald cunt has been quiet for 24 hours then. Fucking arsehole.
  8. I would love someone to blow the lid on Bruce's 'training' and tactics.
  9. The longer they keep the current fat cunt in post the harder the task will be for anyone to coming in. It's a fucking joke now, tbh.
  10. Surely it shouldn't be taking this long to get someone in?
  11. Struggle to think of many other clubs that have been in this situation in recent years. It's clear he's loathed by players and is glaringly incompetent, yet remains in post like a turd that won't fucking flush.
  12. Another day for the poor fucking cleaners who have to scrub this fat cunt's skid marks from the bogs at Benton.
  13. The longer he's here, the longer he'll stink the place up.
  14. Gerrard would soon stink up the place in the way Bruce has done.
  15. toon25


    Inexplicably bad, non-descript, footballer as I've ever seen. Utter, utter, shit ever since he walked through the door in a clearly dodgy deal.
  16. 'play on the front foot' How many fucking times has he said this?
  17. Whilst they're all in the same place, they should sack him immediately
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